Demo Printer's random filenames

I want to send their bills to customers’ mail address.
Everything is ok with it. BUT:
I use Demo Printer to save Bill as file. I named bill files as bill{DATE} - but date string is not working. I tried a lot of strings like that, but none of them working.

Which strings can be used as file names?

You should use custom printer and save to file option not demo printer.

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Okay, did it. But strings doesn’t work again.

If you’re using “Save To File Printer” you can use template tags for file name setting.

I named it as bill{DATE} but no effect again. File saves as bill{DATE}.txt also with Save to File Printer

Can you show a screen shot of your config?

Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t noticed the topic tag. V4 does not have that feature.


:frowning: Is there another way to randomize file names? Neither date, nor time. Just another thing :slight_smile:

I checked V4 source code to be ensure. Unfortunately there is no way to do that for V4.

Thanks for your answer. :slight_smile:

fyi…We offer free V5 license if you’re interested to translate SambaPOS V5 to your local language.

OMG! I didn’t knew that! I can do it!

Please add Azerbaijani language to Crowdin. I want to start right now. :slight_smile:

FYI. I applied to be your reseller. Soon our website will be ready, and it will be great if we offer Samba for our customers in national language.

Great!! So what you’ll work with should be definitely V5 :slight_smile:

Yes. New year coming with good news already. I feel it :slight_smile: