SambaPOS V5 Translations


Hello. We created a translation server under
You can use this invitation link to help us translating SambaPOS V5.

You can help us to fix / update translations for your language or add your language if no translations exists. All translators who helps us to add new languages will receive a free V5 license and have access to V5 Beta group.

If the language you want to help not listed there please post a message to post a request for your language. Crowdin also have a communication platform but we prefer to post announces and updates on this topic.

PS: While requesting your language please let us know if it is a sub language or not. For example we have Spanish translations atm but it is Bolivian Spanish. If you want Spain Spanish that needs to be created as a separate language.

###Currently Supported Languages
Chinese Traditional, Hong Kong
Portuguese, Brazilian
Spanish, Argentina
Spanish, Bolivia
Spanish, Mexico

New features regarding language Part
Welcome to SambaPOS 5
SambaPOS 5.1.62 Release
Italian translation status
Fonts Problem Where I need to do and change
Demo Printer's random filenames

how can i start hebrew lang??


I added Hebrew language and added V3 translations. Hope it helps a bit.

hmm @pizzaeilat4 what do you think about that layout change?

The ability for this layout

Looking good.
I will look into it…


Hello,the Spanish translation is available to check.
Greetings panapos mexico


I would love that layout for the normal english version :slight_smile: Idk why but in Australia I find that most POS’s generally have order screen on the top right like the screenshot


Really? Seems like a left handed layout ;-)lol

I’ve always found most have list in left so it clear the view while tapping away given a right handed majority.


Well Mcdonalds, Kfc, Hungr Jacks all have order screen on right


@panapos did you mean to update Bolivian Spanish language or was it for another country?


@emre i very happy for this great update on Samba , but i can’t find French Translation , could you please add it and thx again for this great community.


Is it for France?


Yes , Default French (France)


@haithem_pro Thank you very much for helping. I added French language and uploaded V3 translations on it.


@emre Thx a lot i will working on adding and improving translation , i’m in “francophone” country.


@emre how to add downloaded from to my installed version thx.


They’ll automatically update on next sambapos releases. I’m adding you to beta group to let you follow test builds.


Hai, Emre. I want to participate translation for indonesian language.


I added Indonesian language and uploaded V3 translations.


Guys, could somenone add Spanish (ARG), so I can start with that, and then I would like to try PORTUGUESE (BRA)



I added Spanish (ARG) language. Should I upload Bolivian Spanish translations on top of it?