SambaPOS V5 Translations

Hello. We created a translation server under
You can use this invitation link to help us translating SambaPOS V5.

You can help us to fix / update translations for your language or add your language if no translations exists. All translators who helps us to add new languages will receive a free V5 license and have access to V5 Beta group.

If the language you want to help not listed there please post a message to post a request for your language. Crowdin also have a communication platform but we prefer to post announces and updates on this topic.

PS: While requesting your language please let us know if it is a sub language or not. For example we have Spanish translations atm but it is Bolivian Spanish. If you want Spain Spanish that needs to be created as a separate language.

###Currently Supported Languages
Chinese Traditional, Hong Kong
Portuguese, Brazilian
Spanish, Argentina
Spanish, Bolivia
Spanish, Mexico


how can i start hebrew lang??

I added Hebrew language and added V3 translations. Hope it helps a bit.

hmm @pizzaeilat4 what do you think about that layout change?

Looking good.
I will look into it…

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Hello,the Spanish translation is available to check.
Greetings panapos mexico

I would love that layout for the normal english version :slight_smile: Idk why but in Australia I find that most POS’s generally have order screen on the top right like the screenshot

Really? Seems like a left handed layout ;-)lol

I’ve always found most have list in left so it clear the view while tapping away given a right handed majority.

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Well Mcdonalds, Kfc, Hungr Jacks all have order screen on right

@panapos did you mean to update Bolivian Spanish language or was it for another country?

@emre i very happy for this great update on Samba , but i can’t find French Translation , could you please add it and thx again for this great community.

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Is it for France?


Yes , Default French (France)

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@haithem_pro Thank you very much for helping. I added French language and uploaded V3 translations on it.

@emre Thx a lot i will working on adding and improving translation , i’m in “francophone” country.

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@emre how to add downloaded from to my installed version thx.

They’ll automatically update on next sambapos releases. I’m adding you to beta group to let you follow test builds.

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Hai, Emre. I want to participate translation for indonesian language.

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I added Indonesian language and uploaded V3 translations.

Guys, could somenone add Spanish (ARG), so I can start with that, and then I would like to try PORTUGUESE (BRA)


I added Spanish (ARG) language. Should I upload Bolivian Spanish translations on top of it?

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