Different Price for selected customer/room


In my building I have a business that we have an arrangement with. They order on a daily basis with the frequency of regular customers hence we have 2 waiters soley for them.
But we give them a discount/seperate porice for all food and drinks.

I want to know how I could implement this into my system. I have seen some ways to add discounts but I would rather just have a specified menu for this room.

If they are offered the same menu items as the normal menu your best option is either a discount calculation (as doesnt require a second menu to be setup) or my first suggestion would be a second price list - have a search for happy hour and VIP discount, there are many other options.
I would go for second price list/definition and setup so say if their customer/table is selected change the price list for orders added.

Sounds like a good option, I shall look up price definitions.

The other thing I forgot to mention, is that they never buy 1 soda or beer, they buy these by the crate from us. Is there a way to add bulk items to the menu but not have it show for regular customers?

If they are not offered the same menu you could setup additional products on a seperate menu for them.
Not sure best way to do with v4 (v5 should allow menu/department switching mid ticket) but if you used departments you would have a button at the bottom left for departments (say ‘Restaurant’ and ‘Special Client’) when you select the special client it will give you the special menu for them.

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I think I shall just select the amount of bottles in a crate and charge that way, still struggling with price definitions though. cant seem to link the customer account to the price definition.

My approach would be an update order action on a order added event rule to change price definition.
And add constraint to the rule restricting it to the entity(s) you are using for their orders.

Thank you, managed to figure it out, I wasnt using a custom field for customers.

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