Different Product Names for Kitchen then Customer reciept

I need the kitchen ticket to print a different product name then what the customer receipt shows. For example I want customer receipt to show Cheeseburger but the kitchen receipt to show CB. Any help would be appreciated.

You could try using Product Tags for alternate representation of a Product, then use {ITEM TAG} in you Printer Template for the Kitchen.

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This might work better. You can assign Custom Tags to your Products, and use {ITEM TAG:X} notation in your Printer Template.

In this example, I created a Custom Tag called KitchenName, so I use {ITEM TAG:KitchenName} in the Printer Template…


You people on this forum are outstanding. That fix my issue. I was going in that direction but I was mixing up order tags and item tags. Now that I think about it don’t know how did that.

thank you very much

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perfect. I used this method to create an alternate bill for customers in another language. I could add another tag and have yet another bill in another language.