Dine In or Takeaway Help

Hello everyone, I’ve been gone for sometime due to health issues but now feeling a bit better to get back to work and more explorations.

Ok so I have the gist of Dine in or Takeaway as ticket tags that can be applied to an order.

But is there a way in which after each order is taken, a question is asked whether its Dine in or Takeaway. IF dine in is selected, then a table number is either put in or a table entity is selected before an order is taken. However if Take Away is selected, it would create a new ticket and order can be done.

I have number generator implemented to be printed on receipts, but when Dine in is selected, than a number is not generated, instead a table number is selected and that becomes their number to take to their table.

I’ve still got a lot to learn, so I’m not asking someone to do this for me, but just want some direction to start.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello Shivan. Good to hear you feel better.

You can create a custom entity screen that have two buttons for Takeaway and Dine-in. When not used POS can stay on this screen. When Takeaway clicked you can switch to new ticket or when Dine-in clicked you can display table selection screen. You can also add few more widgets on that screen to display some useful data.

Ok Great! Thanks for the start @emre. I will work on that and see where that takes me. I’ll post some screenshots later once I get something going :smile:

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Ok Ive managed to create the take away to go straight to order on custom entity screen, but I cant seem to figure out how to make the dine in choose a table number. I’ve tried to create a auto command, apply an action to go to table selection entity and defined a rule for the button. But it didn’t work.

Use the Navigate Module Action with:

Module: Entity
Parameter: EntityScreenName (i.e. Tables)

Place this action in the Rule for Automation Command Executed for the Dine In Button.

Ok I did that. But when I make the button and click it. It does nothing. I’m getting this feeling something is wrong in my automation commands. Heres the screen shot below

The Parameter value for Navigate Module Action must exactly match the name of the Entity Screen. Is it “Tables”? It looks to me like the name of your Entity Screen is “All Tables”.

So your Action should be set as such:

Module: Entity
Parameter: All Tables
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Also if you are using the action then take the Navigation Settings for Automation Command out leave those blank.

@Jesse Ok since I’m leaving those settings out, for visibility under mapping, which would be the best option to use.

That depends on where you want the button. Where is this button located?

BTW It wont navigate if you have a ticket open in ticket view with items on it.

What are you trying to do?

well I’m just creating an automation command button in custom entity screen under my “Dine in-Takeaway” Entity Screen.

Also I managed to get it to choose a table number. @QMcKay I changed it to “All Tables” and that did the trick. This was after I removed the settings Kenash also told me to remove.

But what I noticed is when you click to choose a table number, there is no back button in case a customer changes their mind. The only way out is to click " Main Menu"

Or the other way would be to pick a table, then press the “Close” button then it will go back to entity screen with all the other entity screens there also.

Is there a way when closing an order, the screen defaults back to the “Dine in - TakeAway” Entity screen?

You can map a button that takes it back to that navigation screen to ticket view using navigation action again. You might need to automate close ticket action first though if any items were added to ticket. But then again you might need additional automation to pull a ticket back up that had items on it.

You should look at all possible flows and then explain those to us so we can help you figure out a good setup.

I use a system similar but I use a flow built around POS button from navigation screen. When POS is pressed Ask Question is used to ask for Dine In or Take Out. It then automates what happens depending on what button is pressed.

If already in ticket view and item is added it will ask question again requiring choice and appropriate automation is fired depending on choice. I prefer this method vs having buttons on a screen it seems more fluid as operator just uses POS button like normal or can just start taking order.

To trigger the Ask Question I use Ticket Created event. You could easily automate it to require Table Selection for Dine In it would navigate to that screen and when table selected it goes right to that ticket.

If that sounds interesting I can prepare some samples.

Kendash. I’ll give you more insight on what I want to achieve with this.

At the beginning, once user has logged in and pressed the POS button, it takes them to the Entity screen I called " Dine In- Takeaway". Here, when a customer walks in, the counter asks whether they want to dine in or take away. They would Click either Dine in button, or Take Away button.

When “Dine In” Is chosen, (to make it as simplistic as possible), the user gives the customer a table number, and clicks on the table with the same number to start the order.

When the order is complete, and not yet paid, the user would click " Close Ticket" and then the screen would navigate back to entity screen that shows the two buttons " Dine in" “Take Away”

If the user decides to pay right away, then once paid, it goes back to the default screen of Dine in - Takeaway, waiting for the next order.

When Takeaway is clicked, then it just goes straight to the order screen as per normal.

There is only one other thing I want to also try and do with this, and that is by default on any order when a receipt is printed, an order number is automatically printed on the receipt and kitchen printer,

What I want to try and make it do is when DINE IN is clicked, it prints the table number instead of the generated number. When TAKE AWAY is clicked, then it just prints the generated number as per normal.

This is one way I’m thinking of. If there is an easier way or other better suggestions, I’d be more than happy to try them out.

MORE NOTES: The other thing for receipts would also be when DINE IN is chosen, besides the table number, it would also show DINED IN on their receipt, and if a print for kitchen is required, it would also printed DINED IN.

But if TAKE AWAY is selected, then on both kitchen and receipt it would show TAKE AWAY and generated number.

I think your method was another way I was thinking of making this to work. I did think of the ask question when POS is clicked and it goes to screen according to selection. I think that is also a good way and I wouldn’t mind giving a go.

And yes that does sound interesting, I wouldn’t mind seeing some samples of it. In the meantime I want to see how well I can make this work.

That can all be a simple Ternary expression in the Ticket Template. For example you could store Dine In or Take Away as ticket tag and use Ternary to evaluate it and decide what to print on ticket.

I’m sorry buddy, I’m unfamiliar with the term “Ternary” and how it works in Samba. ahah >.<

Ok I made the Ticket tag for dine in or takeaway. But how do we use ternary to evaluate and decide what to print? could you show me an example in the work? or possibly guide me on how I could do this?

I just started getting the hang of all of this customization again haha. I’ve been a bit rusty.

Yes sorry had to step out for a bit. When I’m back at a computer I’ll show you. Lots of discussions on ternary operator though just do few searches until I get back.

That’s ok. I’ve tried numerous ways to do this. But I can’t seem to get it right. In a sense, I want Dine In to go to table selection, but I don’t really want Table selection entity screen to be in POS. is there another way around it?