Dine in / takeout setup guidence?


Pretty new to sambapos v5 and was wondering if I could get advice on what the best option would be to prompt the user to ask for dine in or takeout in POS before navigating to menu screen when opening a new ticket.

I have tried using the required selection option for ticket tag but was wondering if there is a better option that would display the selected choice in larger text on the menu screen. Or is there a way to display the selected ticket tag in larger text or a customization option in v5?

Basically, I would like to have a window pop up with two options of dine in or take out, that would then display on the menu in bold text somewhere so the user can see the selected option and the option would need to be required.

There is the “Ticket Created Event” you could use then use the “Ask Question” action to select dine-in or take-out. From there you can set ticket tag/state as needed.

For a per-ticket solution allowing dine-in and take-out, have a look at Q’s tutorial:

If you want bigger, look at ticket header on forum, youll need automation to update it within your flow but is formatable.

You could even use Ticket Tags, and make it so that it allows your users to select between Dine In or Take away, which also then shows up on the ticket while they take the order as well…

The selection screen is usually the size of whatever display you have and pretty big and easy to see…
In the image below, I selected a table and i got given this option before going to the menu screen.

This screenshot is on a 1080 display…

This is how it shows up after making a selection

In the first screenshot, I assume “DITA” is the ticket type - how are you displaying automation commands (I assume, as I see the ticket tag) on the right side? Is it just a menu with the commands?

DITA is the name I put for the ticket tag name.

The options are the tag names added under the ticket tag options.

You can find this feature by in Manage>Ticket>Ticket tag.

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something new - thanks