Disable closing ticket without payment for entity

Sorry for all the questions.

I’m using the basic clocking in system, so staff are assigned to tickets via employee entity to track clock in/out. The downside of this is staff can now press close to close ticket without payment as the Employee entity is assigned to the ticket.

Is there a way of disabling Employee entity from being able to close ticket without payment whilst leaving this option open if customer or table entity is selected?


You can change mapping of Close Automation Command to work only if Status=Paid. But that could cause other issues depending on your setup.

BTW: The ticket is not really closed it remains in open status. You can access it from Entity screen or tickets module.

A better thing to do is train staff how that works. Since you assign people to tickets it would be really easy to see who has unpaid tickets.

Thanks Kendash, I think i’l change the close button to a log out button and add a park order button for suspending a transaction as a workaround.

Take a look at this;

You may be particularly interested in the prompt when user logs in next to tell them they have layed away/parked ticket…