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Hello Everyone,
Sorry to bring back this old topic,
the reason why i don’t want to print void is that the waiting staff have to communicate directly with kitchen about voids.

this is my template:

-- <J00>Date:{TICKET DATE}|Time:{TIME}
-- Ticket No: {TICKET NO}
-- <J00>Table Nb: {ENTITY NAME:Table}
-- <J00> Time:{TIME}
<C99J55>{ENTITY NAME:Table}
<J00>Date:{TICKET DATE}|Time:{TIME}

[ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT TAG:Kitchen Group:Small Plates,Pizzas,Pastas,Burgers,Dessert,Lunch,Mains]
 <J11>~ {GROUP KEY} ~
[ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT TAG:Kitchen Group:Soft Drinks,Soda,Wines,Beers,Cocktails,Coffee,Italian Soft Drinks,Juice]

<J10> *********{ORDER TAG NAME}{ORDER TAG PRICE}*********

Now i imported the database from V4 to V5.
and in V4 voids orders weren’t printed only header were.

is there any other setting in V5 that i should be aware of?

Kind Regards

No. The behavior is the same.

However, you have no special handling for Voids in your Template.

In general, if you do not want to print Void Orders, you would add a section as such:

-- do not print voided orders
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Thank you so much QMcKay! that work perfectly!

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