Discount any Item and add a Reason!

Hi, I have item discount in my Samba, just like @QMcKay post:

Now I want to add a Reason for that Discount, so I can audite cashiers in a report, something like this:

So I added another Order Tag for Reason, then another action to apply that Order tag to the product, then I added that action to the Rule that Applies Discount and finally I added a group of Reasons to the Automation Command in the Values section.

The problem comes when I click the Discount Item button, then I select the Reason, and then the Rule ask me for Discount Percent, and when I click Ok, only the ***Discount 30% adds to the product, but not the Reason tag:

I know that the Reason order tag is working, because if I remove the discount action from the rule, it works, but I don’t know why it doesn’t work when they are together, anyone can help? Screenshots:

Order Tag:

Automation Command:

Action to Apply Order Tag:

Rule to trigger the Actions: