DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Amount


Can also use it for non whole $ discounts like discount of 1.23 etc. or 0.84

The constraint is eluding me atm. I think I can get it though. I just want to restrict it so it does not allow you to take the {PRICE} below 0 I am struggling with where to enter that validation. Should it check after input or should it check right before apply.

I think I might have to rewrite the flow of the rules to get the validation to work. I was trying to get it to work without changing it but I am not sure that is possible

My initial thought process is I need to make the Input screen (Screen where you type amount of discount) check {PRICE} to see if amount entered is greater than {PRICE} if it is then it should popup a warning making you enter it again… if it is not it would push it through and finish the rules.

{PRICE} does not seem to work here… but a static # does. So I am assuming it cannot read {PRICE}


Try: Order.Model.GetVisiblePrice(). Worth a shot…


Nope it is reading that as 0. I know this because it is not firing the discount at all even if its less than Price. So the constraint placement is right… i just need to figure out how to read Price.


I can read {PRICE} here. If I use Command Value Less {PRICE}. It won’t apply discount, if I put more discount than price.


Hmm on mine it does not discount at all it is reading it like its 0 not allowing any discounts even if its less than price. So it did not really read {PRICE} it just viewed it as 0 not allowing any discounts… is yours doing that too or did yours allow the correct discounts?


Hmm, mine is working. Put less discount apply. Put more no change


Your using version 4.1.58?



EDIT: Update to 4.1.58 also works


Actually, I set up like Fixed Amount/Percent because using Order tag note cannot print out one printer template.

           MOORE'S DAIRY CREME            
            ( xxx ) xxx-xxxx           
Ticket# 10    OP# Admin   TE# 1   TR# 2529
               Type:Dine In               

 1 Burrito                            3.50
 1 Catfish Dinner                     6.95

Borrow your print out. It just say ****Discounted


EDIT: I try to enable free tagging but it doesn’t work. If free tagging works with tag order action it work be great. Right now I use Regex to limit discount input, step $0.5 and 5%


{ORDER TAG NOTE} implemented for next version.


Really strange why mine is not reading {PRICE} I have gone through everything to make sure it was not something I did. I am going to build it into a stock DB and test it… and then try to look further into my database.


I added a few more constraints to Percent Discount. See below.



To Everyone:

Is there any way we can call NumPad keyboard with Discounts?

I know, I have seen NumPad keyboard in another post.


To everyone involved.

I would like to thank everyone that helped with Discounts section. When I first started using SambaPOS, I thought Discounts were lagging.

Next release will make Discounts complete. smile


Good idea. I don’t think we currently have the choice of keyboard type to display on Ask Question … would be a nice addition!


Can be used and when you press discount amount on numberpad and then press discount button it would apply it.

Basically replace [?Enter Discount Amount (0=remove)] with {:NUMBERPAD}

Flow would be you type 23 on number pad then press discount button… it will discount that amount.

Or type 0 on Numberpad then press discount button it will remove it. No need to bring a popup keyboard on screen when you can just use the Numberpad already there. Just enable the Large numberpad for typing more than 1 number.



{:NUMBERPAD} works properly, but it is not consistent with other SambaPOS features designed by @QMcKay

We use Change Price, Discount $ Off, Discount % Off from QMcKay’s tutorials. They have a great flow and consistent design.

Two additional considerations:

  1. NumerPAD is not available on all Categories, so we have to switch Category to use NumberPad.
  2. I have a General Modifier(Order Tag w/Free Tagging) that get mapped to all Products that hides NumberPad when a Product is selected.

See below:

Discount Demo Video. Ignore scrollbars on video. It is recorded on my laptop


Keyboard choices will be a great benefit for > Ask Question


Oh I agree I was just demonstrating that you can use that function.


Hi @emre,
Could you please check {ORDER TAG TOTAL:X} tag again? It doesn’t calculate quantity.

2 Pizza                           26
   ***Discount $5                -10


Edit typo missing :X


@kendash, Can you check on this ORDER TAG TOTAL:X too please