DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Custom Amount


Did you use {ORDER TAG TOTAL} or {ORDER TAG TOTAL:X} those are two different syntax.


I rebuilt it from scratch and it works now… odd.

I am trying to reproduce that




I get correct discount and I use show message action and it showed the price. Not 0 or null


Yeah mine is working now… not sure why it wasnt before.


Please let me know if you can reproduce {ORDER TAG TOTAL:X} issue


How did you get it to show the -10 ? I thought that was not available yet?


I did not check Add Tag Price to Order Price


Hmm you must have modified it… because its designed to be a direct $amount entry… so you press 3.00 it discounts 3.00 regardless if you have 2 or 3 of item selected. How did you modify it to multiply that ? Looks like you modified it to apply to each item when you enter the amount… instead of to entire order.

This is something with your setup when you modified his setup. His setup was designed to be a direct $ input and output. You discount it by amount entered and it was not designed to be on each item if qty entered.


No, I did it like fix amount. So I have all $1 $2… Order tag


You modified something… it looks like you entered $5 but it discounted $10… it should have discounted $5

So you made multiple order tags?


It is order tag price -5. Quantity 2 should be 10. I will try to revert back to original and see.


No his design did not work that way… his design was you type 5 it discounts 5 regardless of qty

But we can probably fix yours to work… did you make multiple order tags?


What do you mean multiple order tags
I have order tag list
Discount $1
Discount $2
Discount $3



Edit Yes I have multiple discount



Sorry, I have multiple discount tag list.
One discount group
In one discount group, I have the list both dollar amount and percent


That is probably the issue. We need to know how you set it up to work with those multiple tags.

{ORDER TAG TOTAL:X} is probably just pulling the FIRST order tag listed unless you specify an exact order tag name.


When use ask parameter, if user key in $1, it will apply discount $1 order tag or key 10% it will apply 10% order tag and calculate discount from quantity x price x 10%