Discount Authorization

Hi Emre,

I am great fan of SambaPos, and hats off to your hard work and dedication. actually i am looking for guidance on matter bellow:-
Is there any way to setup admin authorization on discounts and change price.
if yes please guide me when possible, your help is much appreciated.

Only Automation Commands can have an Admin override, otherwise an Admin operator will need to login, select the ticket and apply price changes or apply discounts.

For the Change Price situation, you can create an Automation Button called Price Change, set Conformation to Admin Pin and map to Order Line, then create a Rule to use this Automation Button, with the price from the Numberpad {:NUMBERPAD} and Update Order by setting Price to {:NUMBERPAD}

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Hi John S,
Many Many Thanks for your help Sir, I really appreciated :smile:
we can hide discounts from payment screen i know how to do it, But is there any way we can put admin pin on “discount button” on Payment Screen. if possible, please guide me Sir.

Jagvir Singh

@emre, to achieve the same result on the Payment Screen (as we do in the Ticket Screen), we need to be able to read the NumberPad, but I am not getting any values.
Is it possible to have this ability?
Then we can use an Automation Command to apply a variable discount with Admin override.

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@emre, I was also thinking, is there a way to disable the original Change Price button ? As it still is visible but greyed out for non admin users.

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Should we hide it for non admin users or remove it completely?

We can replace it with an Automation Command, so removing it would not be an issue. But are we taking a step backwards and making it a little harder to setup.
I think hide it for non admin users.
We can revisit this later and remove completely if needed.

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OK so I’ll leave it as is for now. I can include that feature in default rules for new users but that will be an issue for existing users.

I’m trying to solve import, export issue and if I can solve it soon I’ll create another solution. If not I’ll remove it for admin users on the other release.

Just hide the button completely for non admin so we can’t see Change Price greyed out. Less confusing if we are using an Automation Command Button.

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The value for {:NUMBERPAD} doesn’t seem to be captured. Let me know if I’ve got something wrong here…

Select item, type the price using the NumberPad and press Change Price.

There are 2 issues here: one with the hard-coded button, and one with the new button I’ve created using automation.

Change Price (hard-coded button) doesn’t function on first attempt.
Type a value into NumberPad, select item, click Change Price, message appears saying I need to enter a value (which I’ve already done), close the modifier list (since it appears when you select an item), retype the value into the NumberPad, select the item (modifier list appears again), click Change Price, then price is updated. The requirement to do this twice is not intuitive. And of course, it’s only available to Administrators.

Since I wanted to create my own Automation Command for Price Change (in order to control permissions), I’ve done so, as you’ve instructed @JohnS , but as you can see from the screenshots, the {:NUMBERPAD} value is not being captured (the Message Box is evidence of this), thus, the price isn’t being changed.

@emre, can you look into this please. I can see the problem @QMcKay has as he has Auto Select for his items.
{:NUMBERPAD} is not holding the value after an item is selected.

I see. I’ve changed how it works to handle this case but there is a better implementation.
You can configure update price rule like this

SambaPOS will display a dialog box to let user input the item price. So you won’t need to deal with numberpad value. User will just click on change price and input price.

[?Price:\d+\.?\d{0,2}] means Ask Price value and only allow numbers with two decimal places.


I think the issue with the change price process and number pad might have started when we got the ability to enter a price and select a misc item (which doesn’t have a price set) to set it’s price.

Excellent, this is even better! Simple, intuitive. Why didn’t I think of this? Thanks @emre, it works great!

John, I followed all the steps in this post but still missing the Conformation with Admin PIN step.

I guess I have this working for Admin and Manager, but want to be able to do this via a Sales logon. With a manager approval. I’m missing that step/connection.


It’s an option in the Automation Command, main settings, called Confirmation.

Thank you. Found it, and got it working.