Discount button on payment screen

Hi i want help for multiple type of discount buttons on payment screen can some one help me please

Discounts on the payment screen use ticket calculations. By default there is already a discount button you can look at to see how it was done. What specific discounts are you wishing to do?

can i share a picture of other pos software as my client want same as it is

Sure you can. Maybe I can give you something really cool and he will want to use that instead since it will be infinitely better hahaha. Yes I will take a look.

Hi here is the picture he want like this many type of discounts and it should come in report as well.

He honestly wants all those buttons cluttering his screen?

yes he want this all buttons as they have lot of companies so there operations are different.

We see this a lot. People get used to how something works and they think they cant learn anything different. Yes we can do that but there are so many other ways to do it more efficiently besides cluttering up the payment screen with a bunch of buttons. It will make payment screen buttons really small.

I assume the 10, 15, 50 is % off?

Yes i know even i am also worried about this i said him to take discount in customer account or i saw tutorial types of discount on ticket for this he said ugly and he want this type now. so can we do one thing like one button special discount inside that all type of discounts as shown in image.

No we cant make one button that then shows more buttons on payment screen. He will need to use the other POS if he wants it exactly like that. We can make a bunch of buttons on payment screen but I dont think he would like that either.

Does it have to be on payment screen?

then how can we do so many buttons on payment screen sir

I can show you how to setup a ticket calculation with a calculation selector which will put the button on the screen but I am telling you he won’t like it and I dont think he understands. Sometimes you have to tell your clients that there is a better way and they will need to get used to that. It should be rare but sometimes its for the best.

To put discount buttons on the payment screen you Setup a calculation type for the discount you wish to do, Then you setup a Calculation selector which is the button. I will show you screenshots one moment.

sir this customer from past 1 year i have lots of requirement some one gave him some bug software making in html n all they made as he want now tht software is bug so he came back to me and he is eating my brain i culd have said him bye bye but he has more 30 branches in uae so i am just with him. and i made him understand a lot but no he want same as it is he is just crazy abt tht bug software.

Well SambaPOS is better :stuck_out_tongue: you just need to convince him haha. Tell him why would you try and make a Lamborghini into a Ford Prius. It may work but its losing its potential.

HAHA anyway give me a moment I will show you how to create the buttons.

hahhaahaha alright sir

Ok so to setup all of those discounts it will require a lot of work. You need to setup Account Transaction Types for EACH discount and have it linked to an Account, probably Discounts account, but whatever you want it to be. Then you go to Tickets > Calculation Types and you setup your calculation call it Discount 50 for example.

Rate or Amount is where you put 50 for 50% or if you choose fixed amount as Method you can put the dollar amount here. Be sure and choose Decrease Amount option.

Next you go to Calculation Selectors and you create your button. Name it what you want but Header is what shows on the button. Add the Calculation Type you just made previously.

Default mapping is fine unless you want it to only show up on specific terminal or only be accessed by specific roles.