Discount button on payment screen

Hi sir can you help me please

You can’t do that on the payment screen

An alternative is don’t use the payment screen at all, I use custom menus on the pos screen and have automated payment buttons. You could this way have one discount button that then opens a new menu with all the other discount buttons

You would never leave the pos screen and would not need to payment screen

Or have the custom discount menu, apply your discounts and then go to the payment screen

Hi can u give me both options please

Read my tutorial here this shows how to setup custom product buttons in a menu and assign them as auto commands

You can create buttons this was for all your discounts so when your discount button is pressed the pos switches to the discount menu showing all discount options

Hi Rick sir i dint find your tutorial can u give me the link

Sorry forgot to paste

hahahahaha ok sir thank you very much :rofl:

i dint understood the tutorial rick bro lots of confusion i am having

Richs setup is quite complex, basically its a product menu without products but automation command in place of products.

JTR sir what is the option to do this all discounts button in one button please help me

You want a dingle button then discount options, which is what the ask question suggestion gave…
Personally I would use the ask question method and save all the hastle.
You can use background to make it full screen if you prefer rather than popup.
Also as I said before personally I would be reluctant to have said discounts freely selectable especially if they have customers etc in samba which discounts can be automatically applied based on.

Yes sir i also gave him proper option but now the customer he has 20 type of discounts so he want 20 buttons and yes sir we can go for ask option but here how i will do ask option sir what i made those buttons all together i am not able to put in one ask option can u guide me pls exactly how i will moov all this buttons to pop up ask option button

This is ask question;


You would add an automation command button and map to payment screen, then make an automation command rule with an ask question action with these buttons.
If you use the Button=xxx format wisely you could apply all the discounts with a single rule by making the command value (the xxx) the name of the discount to apply.

Thinking about it maybe you should also look at the automation command button value list option, that might be another option for you, not tried from payment screen but imagine it should work;

I use it for my wastage options;


Hi sir thanks for team supported me a lot but i did it in other way here is the picture

How can you discount over 100%? LOL

lol this is test sir hahahahaha

I am sorry for interruption , but I cant setup a calculation type
it gives me the below error

can you please show me the steps to do this Option?
if you dont mind !

You cant use the same transaction type for multiple calculations. You need to create a new Transaction Type for that discount.

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example i will tell you u can see discount transaction in account transaction type this is the error why its not getting save. so here u have make new transaction give same name discount 25 transaction then come back to calculation type and select discount 25 transaction and safe it.
as Mr Jesse said you have to do lots of work.

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