Discount by Serial Number

I did this working fine. Eg. 10000005 is $5 discount. Instant this i need to create a range 100100-100900 is $5 one number can be redemption one time only how to do it

(Rick's Tutorial 3 - Discounts by Scanning Voucher Barcode):

Explain your senario, are these pregenerated or say rewards on transactions.

Thank for you reply. we have printer $10 Discount Voucher 1000 pcs each voucher has own serial number. we are giving to customer for free. but we need to track which serial number was used and which serial number was not user .

So obvious options are maybe to look to log code within ticket used on and try and validate that way.
Or have a list and mark off as used.
Not sure how simple the first would be as not done in style you have opted for, when done something like that coupon was generated from an initial transaction so code included origional ticket number giving an easy point of reference for checking.