Rick's Tutorial 3 - Discounts by Scanning Voucher Barcode

This tutorial assumes you have already set up your discount voucher and it has a barcode. For this tutorial I will create a £5 off voucher setup and a 10% off voucher setup.

Step 1 - Create Voucher Accounts
You can set your discount vouchers to use the default “Voucher” account but you wont be able to track the different voucher types and ensure you can balance the account with the number of vouchers in your cash drawer.

I have created a voucher account for each discount voucher type so I can see the value of each when used. This also allows me to balance each voucher at the end of the day by counting the number/value of vouchers in the till (I take then off the customer when used and put into till drawer) to ensure it matches with the voucher account.

Go to Main Menu ->Manage ->Accounts, then click accounts from the left hand side menu and then click add account

Enter the account name, i have used “Voucher - 10% OFF” and “Voucher - £5 OFF” and select payment accounts and click save

Go to Main Menu and select accounts and you should see the two accounts you have created

Step 2 - Create the Payment Types for Each Voucher
Select Manage ->Tickets ->Payment Types and click “Add Payment Type”

I have my payment types setup as below

for 10% off voucher

for £5 off voucher

it doesnt matter what colour you select for the button as we are not adding any mapping, you only need to add mapping if you want an actual button to be displayed on the payment screen. Since we are applying these discounts by scanning a barcode we do not need buttons.

Step 3 - Create Actions for each Voucher Type & Generic Ask Question Action
Main Menu ->Manage ->Automation -> Actions and click Add Action

Enter the details as below:

For 10% off voucher

For £5 off voucher

Generic Ask Question Action

Step 4 - Create Rules for the Voucher Types
Go to main menu ->Manage ->Automation -> Rules and click Add Rule

Setup the following rules:

For 10% off

For £5 off

make sure default mappings are applied to all rules

Final rule is to display a message when voucher total is greater than remaining ticket balance

There are spaces in the Question field to manually centre the text in the middle of the message box, you will see this is the example at the end

This is how it works
OK, thats all set up so here is the flow using screenshots from my set up:

  1. Add items to the ticket

  2. when all items added scan the discount barcode, I am keying in the barcode number instead id scanning so you can see where it is entered

  3. ticket is updated on screen to show discount applied and remaining balance, it also shows you the name of the discount we set up so you know what voucher was used

Same applies for 10% off as shown below

Ticket is updated to show 10% taken off

You can now put the voucher into your till drawer ready to reconcile with accounts at the end of the day

you could then balance your vouchers to zero using my setup in my other tutorial for cashing up

If you you try to enter a money off voucher (in my example here £5) where the ticket total is less than the voucher amount you are told the voucher is invalid as the ticket total must be £5 or greater to use it as i dont give change when a voucher is used as payment. This is what happens

  1. Enter items, and ticket total is less than voucher amount being used

  2. Scan £5 voucher and POS displays our message

click OK and you are taken back to the POS screen, either add more items to make ticket total greater than discount voucher, or pay by another method or cancel transaction

I will add the database tools file shortly

EDIT - Database Tools File
Barcoded Discount Vouchers.zip (917 Bytes)


Thank you @RickH for explaining it in that detail. It is very instructive.

…additional info:

We can use [PAYMENTS:<payment type name>] section or {PAYMENT TOTAL:<payment type name>} tag to format printouts.

@RickH, @emre tried this in my scenario when I scanned $5 off its discounted correct , but when I scanned -10% discounting whole amount which is 100%
-Also these discounts showing in payment screen when I clicked $5 Off it Discounted Whole ticket some reason

  • How to Remove these from payment screen only works with barcode or numpad?

FIXED : Installed prebuilt database file created action ask question and rule message now its working as it should and those buttons not showing in payment screen magic don’t know.

This is perfect, exactly what I need! I will be implementing it in V5 when its released :smile:

Ill update the screenshots and add a couple of updates to the rules for V5 when released :slight_smile:

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