DISCOUNT - Specific Item - Ask Fixed Percent

This method allows for a Discount to be applied to Specific Item(s), based on a choice of 5 different fixed percentages. It uses an Ask/Apply approach using the Ask Question Action to let the user choose a percentage, then applies the Discount using an Update Order Action to accomplish a Price Change.

Operational Flow:

Tag Product with Discount:

UnTag Product (remove Discount):

Order Tag setup for Discount Percent of 10,20,30,40,50:

Action to compute Price Change:

Rule to Apply Percent Discount (Order Tagged):


Rule to Remove Percent Discount (Order UnTagged):



Hi @QMcKay This is a great tutorial, but I have a problem. Many of my products use order tags to adjust the price and I need to apply the discount to the order tags as well.

I tried adding the order tag to the price. This created a loop which when applyed and unapplyed the discount incrementally increased the price.

When I don’t combine the order tag to the price (which is what I prefer) it doesn’t apply the discount to the order tags. I’m sure you’ll make quick work of this but I can’t seem to get it figured out.


Pre Discount

Post Discount

Same question under three different topics? Is it really needed?

Original question moved here. Discount Specific Item Groups + Order Tag/Price Modifiers

Sorry Emre. I was up really late last night and was trying to figure this out. I have a soft opening tomorrow and need to be able to apply discounts correctly so I’m a little frantic right now.