Display Formats Entity and Account

Hi @emre

Think I found a small issue in the Account Display Syntax - it seems to max out at <size 20>? It only effects the CREDIT Syntax portion.


I am playing in this areas to reformat the Payments Entity Display Formats but coming into some problems:

If I leave FONTS all to default and use no syntax the Ticket Display works well but the Payment Display on a Surface Pro 12.3" gets too crowded. Hence I have been trying to resize the payment screen?

The maximum font size that can be sensibly used is Size 18. Anything bigger throws out the Ticket Display.

I think my only solution is to delete all work with Fonts and shorten the Entity Display Syntax for other Wallets. The reason why it is long is because different “linked” wallets such as Husband, Wife or Friends can be used here!

Hi @emre

I am running the latest Refresh - did you have any thoughts about the spacing between the Entity Lines shown on top of the Payments Screen? Just would like to know if I should remove all my Fonts & Sizing syntax?

Hmm I can’t understand what your asking honestly. I think your trying to shrink the size of that area so more ticket shows right?

What was the SambaPOS issue though? I mean what is broken?

Well the Ticket Display screen works differently to Payments Screen? The Ticket Screen automatically adjusts the section but the Payments Screen does not.

Currently on site so may miss a reply or two…

Oh I should add this is separate to the BIG “$” shown above as that does not look right…