Ticket Header Size Vs Settlement Header Size

Following on from this discussion @emre where I think there is still an unresolved issue on font maximum:

How can I make these Headers use the same Font Size; or
Can we have the same sizing between the 2 headers?

Here below I have taken the time to remove <Size nn> & </Size> from the formats, both in Entity Display and Accounting format Display:

If I try to match the fonts the Settlement screens blows up after Size 20?

<b><Size 20><color red>$.00</color></Size></b>;<b><Size 20><color blue>($.00)</color></Size></b>; <Size 20>$0.00</Size>

Used in Account Display!

I used size 35 and seems OK for me.

What the? Does my syntax above work using size 20?

Check if it infers with entity name format or not. I don’t think there is something special with size 20.

<bold><Size 20>[Full Name] - [Member No] Points: [Points]</Size></bold>

Emre is only fails if I use Size 20 for the “Credit” portion of Account Display? Size 22 works, Size anything works except 20 - go figure?

I can live with that I suppose but what about the sizing between Ticker and Payment Headers?

Both are 20 here.

Ok I will put it down to my data! - just avoid 20 (by the way you could try it on my database?).

Emre but I think you missed my main point - why are these fonts different on outputs as I have not sizing used?

It seems the Settlement Header for Entities attached 2,3,4 (Member,House,Prize) is using a supersized font? Can it not default to the same font sizing from Ticket Header?

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Haha I really don’t know. Maybe someone requested that.

OK @emre - we can use the size command to fix it BUT as I expressed in another thread the “gaps” or “line spacing” stays the same as if the Font was supersized!?

The Ticket Header automatically adjusts the Line Spacing to Font by the way.

If you could fix that it would be great otherwise I will be stuck with supersizing…?

I adjusted the Font down but line spacing did not adjust?

These won’t shrink according to font size tags. I decreased Settle Screen fonts to 18 as people who finds them hard to read can increase size by using formatting tags.

If you change $.00 format to $0.00 that size increase won’t happen again. I think it somehow infers with $X replacement placeholders.

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Perfect, thanks Emre that will work as I can make the Customer Entity large and keep he rest default of slightly bigger. I assume the line spacing will increase to accommodate the large than 18+ size font formatting tag.