Display number pad in popup message with entry?


I’m trying to make a cash out button on the main screen, that pops up a message with a number pad and textbox.

Example: pop-up message says " How much cash would the customer like?" and the staff member enters it into the textbox below, presses confirm and adds it to the ticket. would also like it to add it to a debit account for reports, say “Cash Out” Account.

The feature your looking for is the [?Prompt].
Within an action where you want to have the value entered by staff put [?Prompt] where ‘Prompt’ is the question you want to display.
The entered value will then be used in that rule.

See this post here;

okay, would you be able to show me how to do it with an example? I’v had a bit of a play around with it but can’t seem to get it to work.

This article maybe of some help:

That link is a tutorial with example…
If you search for [?prompt] you find loads of topics.
My temp tab and several other tutorials feature the prompt function.