EftPOS Cash Out with Ticket Sale

How do we handle Ticket Sales using EftPOS where there is a Cash Out Request as well?

I experienced today 6 consecutive bar sales for 1 item, say Middy of Beer, where the Customer requested:
“Can I pay using my Card and also have $20 Cash Out?”

There does not seem to be much on the forum about this. Also this is a function required for accreditation for any EftPOS POS Provider to be able to support EftPOS Terminals :sweat:


  1. This is not a Petty Cash transaction but needs to be completed consecutively with the ticket Sale.
  2. I envisage there may be a Surcharge added for this in the future as well similar to ATM’s.

Umm @emre is this possible?

A thought before I hit the sack…

Can we use a Product called Cash Out - 0 price so enter value manually.
Settle payment using Eftpos for Ticket including both Normal Product (Beer) and Cash Out Product.
Trap Product Sale of Cash Out MenuItem(?) and create a Account Transaction to journalize reduction in CASH taken from the Till.

I would have thought a calculation might be the way…
An automate transaction/document to reverse as cash
Calculation (Sale) --> Transaction to Reverse Calculation (Refund Sale)
Card (Payment) --> Cash (Refunt)

Important bit is obviously not leaving the value as a sale while transferring card payment to cash back (refund as such)

If possible a direct transaction type…
Something like this;

Sorry, account transaction credit/debit always gets be muddled.

You would want two transaction types to ‘Refund’ the calculation (Sale) value and another to move the


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Forget that… its not even that complex…

Use calculation transaction type…

Right so thinking hard right now LOL

Sale = Sales --> Receivables
Payment = Receivables --> Payment (Cash/Card etc)
Discount = Receivables --> Discount


£20 products + £10 cashback = £30 total

I would have said

£30 Sales --> £30 Receivables
£30 Receivables -> £30 Payment - Card

Calculation type Cash -> Sales
£10 Payment - Cash -> £10 Sales

Meaning accounts of

Account        |    Debit     |    Credit   |   Total
Sales                 10             30          (20)
Receivables           30             30            -
Cash                   -             10          (10)
Card                  30              0           30

BUT THAT WONT WORK as transaction type for calculation would mean it wasnt 30 in the first part…

Back to first thought of calculation type being as above BUT LOOKING BACK NOW CAN USE SAME account type ID :frowning:

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Think I got it :slight_smile:

£20 Sale…


£10 Cash Back…

Settle All Card


£20 Sales… Correct
Zero balance Receivables… Correct
£30 Card… Correct
(£10) Cash… Correct
Calculation is easily insert-able on a receipt…
Could easily format specifically the cash back calculation to have a line for initialing as cash received…

Cash Back Transaction Type;

Cash Back Calculation;

My head hurts but think thats it :slight_smile:

@Jesse your an accounts guru, does that make sense?
Hope so and if so am quite chuffed with myself :slight_smile: although know it probably was more obvious than I made it…


@pauln saying that depending on your card terminal reports it may well report cash back in a seperate total, have seen machines handle tips in different ways similarly, included in total with tips value seperate or a sales/payment total and tips on separate line.

If that the case just noticed you can have multiple translation types on a calculation so you could probably add a second transaction type to have a side account for ‘cashback payments’ to separate from ‘sales payments’ while still ‘returning/refunding’ the amount from cash…

Hi JTR - thanks for your efforts!
Just up and need to go to my sons hockey game in absolute driving rain and stormy conditions! :unamused: I work through your screen when I get back.

[EDIT] Back at my desk.

Now that smart as Receipting probably essential!


Thanks, Mate :smiley:

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@pauln May i know how didi you achieved this as i discussed few times but this is what exactly i need , in my country most people ask for cashout with sale . So whatever cashout needs - cash amount in till and report as your screen shot , it would be helpful as compared with my setup iam doing some wrong thanks.

You would use account transactions to move the payment/payout to correct accounts.

Ok so you made me look JTRTech!

I think this is all it takes @gsreddy.

Account Transaction (Most Important):

Calculation Type:

Calculation Selector:

I will drop a GIF in a few minute’s…


:stuck_out_tongue: question was directed to you LOL

Yea but you got involved! haha :laughing: - just kidding busting my butt checking out hardware and bench testing so only keeping 1 eye on the forum.
Anyway here is the GIF:

It is actually is how they do it LIVE on the Eftpos machines.

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Sorry to ask again , Account Screen showing correct but Yah I do followed and using since few months @JTRTech, but some how the cash amount not showing negative when Eftpos goes up same time the till cash need to be reduced , what I did ( cash=cahout-discount) etc but how can I get it by default? I seen your report how you did it ?

I think I showed exactly what I did :-S
If you want to see another screen shot I can try and find out which DB I did that on if you tell me what you want to see…

Well your table above is correct as the $5 is on the right side of the ledger which is reducing cash. It will not show as a negative there?

The Report was simple the default used:

[Sales:1, 1]
>Consolidated Departments
{REPORT TICKET TYPES:!PreOrder && TotalAmount >= 0}

The Cash Transactions has not other transactions so when I di a payout it went to automatically negative i.e. 0-$10 gives cash balance of -$10.

Thanka All it showing in cash transaction report , so I need to modify wp report thanks a lot.

Hey Paul, just wondering how do you change the name ontop of the report here?

Sorry had to look :grinning:


If you are using this CashBack calculator, you might be interested to see how it appears as either a service or a discount on receipts.

More information on this can be found here:

Uploading: ABA2AB0F-12E8-4AE5-B5F8-40D532B98CC2.jpeg… Uploading: 933CC601-A25C-4EB4-B12A-02ECEA8D95AF.jpeg…

Ive set this up following the screenshots and it works as it should do, to a point.

On my payments report the cash out isn’t deducted from cash making the total wrong. This means that when my staff cash up at night, it will look like we are out 66 baht (the cash back). How do I rectify this?

Second. I would like this to be automatic, ie no need to use the cash out button. We will be using it mostly for tips through credit card, so to make it easy i would prefer if we could just enter the total amount credit card tendered and the excess would be registered as cash change, not credit card. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance