Display ticket payment type on ticket lister


I’ve created a ticket lister widget to display paid tickets, which I’m intending to use to allow batch updates to be done on tickets. However, I want to show the payment type (or payment types) used to settle a ticket on each row, but can’t work out how. I looked at {REPORT PAYMENTS} and {REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:X} tags but neither appear to produce anything at ticket level.

Any ideas?

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As you would do in a normal printed Ticket (ie. a Bill Template), you should be able to use the {PAYMENTS} placeholder and a [PAYMENTS] section something like:

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Yeah that worked, thanks :slight_smile:

Any idea how I can filter the ticket list by some fields, for example by payment type.

From what I read, the Expression is added to the SQL query and the Filter is handled in SambaPOS on the data returned.

I tried Payments.Name = 'Cash', PT.Name = 'Cash' and PT = 'Cash' in both fields but they either do nothing or throw an error (using is instead of = makes no difference). I’m not entirely sure what to add since the payments would be taken from a join to the Payments table.


Hi. First of all, with this topic, I was curious and I see it as excellent on your part. I can ask you please if you have any guide to do this. I am using sambapos v 1.4.82. Again, your idea seems bright to me. Thank so much.



This is only possible in v5


Thank Jesse,

I get it. In the same way I’m already migrating to version 5. Sambapos is great.
I would appreciate your help to implement this type of widget.



Ticket Lister widget displays tickets using the familer ticket template structure. There are many points of reference on the forum for details on ticket template structure.
The one shown above presumeably will be using html over the default POS style giving it’s more graphicaly appealing look.


Thanks so much. Thanks for your asnwer agile.


No it does not use HTML but you can get an idea here.