Display waitername on table

Hello guys. Im trying to get SambaPOS to display waiter´s name on table layout, so that during peak times whoever is in charge of assigning tables, doesnt have to go into each table to find out whom it belongs to.

I followed this tutorial Changing Table Button Captions, but I believe I might be doing something wrong, since I cant get it to work… Any ideas?

Sorry removed my previous post i reread your request… try using {USERNAME}

Hello, it doesnt work:

However, i did try with {DATE}, and it displays today´s date… got any idea?

Well its probably because it needs to read ticket data which it does not have access too. If you used Entities for waiters it would probably work.

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You need to use a report tag to get user. {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.User:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0}



You can use Ticket Tags to store the Waiter’s name, and then use something like this in New Orders States Display Format:

<bold>$1</bold><size 28><br/>
₹{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-}<br/>
⏱{ENTITY STATE MINUTES BY NAME:Tables.$1:Status} 👤{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Guest Count:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-}<br/>
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Waitstaff:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-}</size>

Instead of
... and T.RemainingAmount > 0

you can use
... and 'RemainingAmount > 0'

That will work a lot faster.


No, didnt work…

It is a good practice to post a screenshot of the configuration (eg. state config) instead of just “No, didn’t work”. Maybe you made a typo on your config.


I would guess you have sub reported and left entity ename wrapping the suggested expression as entity name is not what was suggested and a user name is being rendered within it when it wouldn’t have been expected using the expression shown

I apologize guys, for not uploading an image, from now on I´ll make sure its allways included.
Here is a screen shot of my State Configuration.

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Do you have the option to show that turned on in your entity screen?

And here is the one Entity turned on.

And are your tables actually called Table?

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Its actually Tables

TEN.Table part should be your Table entity name. Like TEN.Mesero

Switch between entity screens to ensure caches refreshes.

Heres display format screen shoot:

And this is our layout :

I double checked, to ensure that the option its turned on:

Show that entity type setup.