Dissappearing Tables

Hi all ,Kindly advice what could be reason behind table disappearing in my set up.It keep on happening on regularly.

  • A waiters post an order from the waiters terminal

  • The order is printed in the kitchen

  • When the cashier logs-in , in-order to print the bill and subsequently settle the ticket he find out that no ticket is available for the said table.

The ticket doesnt reflect on the said table and the table remain un-occipied,what could be causing this

Is the entity grid fixed or filtered? It could be you havnt specified ‘Bill Requested’ state on a filter OR you have altered the automation messing up the flow.
Without more info/screenshots cannot say for sure.

Hi JTR ,kindly explain what you mean here

I will check on my states,but then assuming that i haven’t specified then this could be happening everytime .
On my scenario though it happens occasionally like twice per week,it has happened twice on the same table entity.Could it be that entity which has issues

I will kindly paste my ticket closing rules screen shots,i guess my flow is alright.I haven’t done too much on customization.
Point me on how i can check check the flow

Don’t rule out user error. Your waiter may be doing something or not telling you everything.

How can i check what the user did ,kindly illustrate .should i check the logs and how can i do that .Kindly illustrate

There is no built in logs. You can create your own logging, here are some ways… (first one is more versatile)