Dont want weight based product

I have just started using the Software and its working well so far, we are a minimart/butchery, but our meat products are pre packed and priced before sending to the store. And we count each packet rather than weight. Whats happening is we enter inventory by packet number and not weight and have realized it is reading the weight and deducting weight in the stock. How can I fix or change this? I have a scale that puts weight and price of the product on a barcoded tag/sticker. When item is scanned for a sale the price and weight appear and then it deducts the weight in my stock which is a problem as It is confusing as to what has remained in my physical stock. Hope there is a solution for this Thanx

Please show us screenshots of your prepacked product that you sell. Your inventory item and your recipe for that item. This sounds like a multiplier or base units are not set up properly.

If the product is prepacked and you know how much is there in the packet why would you put it on the scale again?
Why dont you just create a new inventory item called “Beef Minced Pack 500gr” and then take absolute numbers out of the inventory instead of grams. You have 10 packs, you sold 7 you have 3 packs. You know they were 500grams each.

The weights vary from packet to packet

I have seen other places have the same scale priced stickers with similar types of weights not using the 500g. Also I think a lot of customers here in Zambia want assurance of the weight of item they are buying so rather we put it correctly.

How do you intend on NOT using a weight based product when your inventory relies entirely on you putting in the weight of the product?

Also, your Base Unit of an inventory item should be KG or Grams. At the moment its Normal. You can change that in Inventory Items section by editing the item.

Why dont you set a multiplier to 1? Then set your Base Unit as KG. When you type in 0.1 and scan the barcode it will take 0.1 out of 1kg which is 100grams.

ok I think we have confused each other here, what I am trying to say - is eg the beef mince when scanned will show the same exact price as is on the sticker right. Which is perfect. But I have entered 10 beef mince packets in my inventory so one is bought and in the inventory it deducts actual weight of the product rather than one packet (like when you buy 1 packet of crisps it deducts 1 whole packet not its weight. ) so what I want is similar to crisp packet (I know they are all the same weight which differs from my beef mince. Now back to the weight, I can not take all ten packets and individually enter all the weights as appears on the sticker. what if I have 50? So that’s where my problem is, instead of it deducting 1 packet its deducting the weight of the packet. I am taking a wild guess as to blocking or using a code not to deduct weight or if you know how to do it

eg I have 3 packets of beef mince, all different weights and different prices according the weight. Explain to me how we can deduct all three showing me in inventory - 3 rather than 3.6kg.

If you want to deduct an absolute number like packets you will need to have a product on your menu called “Beef Minced 500gr Packet” as 1 out of inventory you will have to create a separate inventory item or you will need to use Inventory Product with a Unit called Packet.

OK so you set inventory up to sell by smallest unit so that is how it will show in the report. If you want it to show differently you need to set it up differently. You would set it up for 1 to 1 inventory. Meaning you sell 1 pack it deducts 1 pack. But you will not be able to track weight that way.

It sounds like you really do not want to track weight anyway. You want 1to1. But do you ever sell the weight so it doesnt match the pack? If so then this will never work.

What I mean is you can record it by the pack but that will not show weight if some packs are different weights. Does it come with same amount of packs per case?

Thanx, as you said, the weight is not our concern as all this is done on the farm and once it leaves the farm our concern is tracking stock. Since these are already packed/sealed items and they go straight into the fridge/freezers at the store. We also do not weigh them to be sold at the point since the weight it printed on it. So just looking on how to track that 1 packet. I also understand there is a slight problem here with the same item being different price cause of the weight.

i am going to try one item this way

we havent put like a case weight or the total weight of lets say 10 packets that are going to the store. We usually input it as 10 packs of beef mince not 11kg of beef mince.
I have just only started using the software, it has been two- three weeks and we only figured now that this is happening with the meat products stock as we thought the staff were not scanning products. Noticed in the warehouse instead of reading 1 as a whole number it read 0.54 or if two were sold 1.34 something like that

Yes that’s by design and it’s how you set it up. Most situations you want it to track like that. You can make it 1 to 1 and track packs if you wish. Multiplier would be 1 for base unit.

I have tried to change the multiplier to 1, what happens is the amount then reads k30600.00 and then the weight reads 510.

How do you sell it? Do you type a price in? They are all different prices right?

How many packs come in a case? Ill help you do this but your cost will not be accurate since each one may be different weight. But if all you care about is tracking # of packs sold this will work.

we have a scanner, it reads the price, we don’t have to type it in. what I am going to do is try putting in the weight on ten packets of beef mince as a case and see how that works for us. I have thought on it all day, I will try this method and it works for our stock at the shop.