Duplicate ticket?

Hi there, does anyone know how to print a duplicate ticket or receipt when the cash button is pressed? also does anyone know how to print the order number on both the tickets?

Automation Commands > Actions > find the correct action for your print job > bottom of action it says ‘Copies’

in there put [:Copies]


then go to Automarion Commands > Rules > Find the rule that executes that print job > remove action and save, then go back in add the action again and put in the amount of copies you want > save


Thanks very much appreciated. Is there not a way where if I finalise the order by clicking the cash or credit card button it would print out a duplicate?

like I said above, you need to find the rule…

more than likely ‘Print Bill when Ticket Paid’ … remove the print job, then add it back in and put in the number of copies you want in total…

so you say you want duplicate, then put in 2 then itll print off 2 copies of that receipt

and because I’m not sure if you want what your asking for, or to print a duplicate after the sale has been closed, I created a tutorial to find last order and print off receipt :slight_smile:

Just click the copies option in the execute print job action for your print Bill rule and set it to 2

Thank you everyone for your help, problem is now solved!