Duplicating Kitchen Orders

I’m a long time user of Samba, but have come across a question I’ve not come across before.

I have a requirement to print a duplicate ticket in the kitchen (i.e. food only). To get this sorted, I went to Manage → Automation → Actions → Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job and changed “Copies” to 2. This works great!

Unfortunately, it also prints a duplicate bar slip (drinks) too, which is less cool.

How can I print a duplicate kitchen order, but not a duplicate bar orders?


You could use Order States. Check out these tutorials.

For Duplicate KOT you need to create a separate print job. I try to guide you through the pictures.

Step 1

Create a Print Job like “Duplicate Print KOT” and in this Print Job select your required group like “Food Only” in Print Mapping with printer and template.

Step 2

Create a Action to execute print job for your Duplicate KOT

Action Type: Execute Print Job
Print Job Name: Duplicate Print KOT
Order State Name: Status
Order State: New
Ignore Selected Orders: True

Step 3

Finally you need to add this Action to Ticket Closing Rule.