DynDNS and setting up remote access

i have around 100 clients now using samba all of them connected with me 24 hours remotely
by using dyndns and concurrent remote desktop patch

so im giving them support 24/7 but off course its not free I charge them annual fees so if some restaurant owners feels the need this kind of support they can hire some one in this forum for such support

but be careful by using dyndns if u dont setup correctly u will get hacked

if u guys need more info about how to set online remote access with static ip correctly let me know and i will explain it

Wow so your running a 100 client business with a hack for concurrent rdp? That is a huge risk is it not? What happens if that hack gets fixed on your system somehow?


That method seems less efficient than something like team viewer etc.
All those firewall exceptions etc for remote rdp. I have about 10 clients at the mintue, not got to the point of offering monthly support service and charge as required at the moment but when it came to support I would much rather use team viewer as can easily be installed client side without messing around with firewalls etc.

While I understand @Jesse and his resistance to using the rdp patch it does have it’s uses but I certainly wouldn’t be using it for remote support myself.
Personally I feel it is better to (where possible) show people how to fix their own problems but that might be nieve.

Kendash mentioned about the patch being fixed, just imagine if the patch was fixed, you would have 100 clients you would have to go to and setup an alternative - rather you than me is all I can say.

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Its not a patch its a hack and Microsoft has and will again fix it multiple times. I am resistant because well its a hack it was not meant to be and it violates license agreement. I agree RDP services is too expensive for small business and there is a lack for something there but for big business RDP is very affordable.

Playing around with the hack at home or for non business critical situations I really have no beef. But in business critical situations its just not smart to rely on a hack. I know people do every day and thats fine, but the day is coming that it will not work and you will need to decide what direction you go.


how do i setup my workstations so that i can run Samba on more than one workstation with the same database? i don’t have any knowledge of MySQL and have no idea to set it up.

@Upstairs You need Microsoft SQL rather than MySQL, its a free download and not that complex to install if you follow the tutorial below.

well the concurrent rdp patch or hack is under control if you stop automatic updates from services
u will never need updates if ur using the machine only for samba
this way the patch will work for ever

I got some clients running the patch for 3 years now and no problem

now why patch is better than teamviewer
ur client needs to stop his work while ur fixing his problem but with the patch u can do it without disturbing ur client business

of course there is certain measures that need to be taken if u gona use the patch
for security reasons

I will be posting a tutorial about that matter soon

Disabling automatic updates is a severe security issue. Never do it because dealing with security when automatic update disabled is really hard… even for highly technical people.

Of course you’re free to hack your system or share your knowledge in our community. However we should inform people properly about the risks.


I agree with you Emre and that’s what I exactly said to use this kind of hack there is some security measures that need to be taken
im working on that tutorial and it will be ready soon

so if someone would like to use this kind of hack might eliminate or minimize the risks

We should stop promoting hacks as they breach software terms you agree to install Windows 7/8.

It is simply illegal. Just because it can be done, it does not mean it is OK to do.

If tablets are needed for your business, buy proper licensing.

Additionally, you can buy tablets with Windows 8 and install SambaPOS.

Not to promote is probably a fair shout but obviously people will still do it.
It should defiantly not be a recommended solution.

The main problem with it is the fact that you base your system on older software without updates. Eventually you will want to upgrade and it will be much more costly. Microsoft could decide to go a different route with these hacks as well something you may not want to be associated with eventually.

There are much safer alternatives to this which work just as well. Bottom line is its a hack and Microsoft is not happy about it. They fix it and will keep fixing it who knows what they may do about it in the future. That is just not something I would want my business based on. If you setup systems for someone using this then you should explain that to them extensively.

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na1978 im not promoting anything here its just a solution for some ppl its not for every one

it worked for me it might work for others

anyway the tutorial is ready

when u read it will be clarified everyone should take these Measures when using RDP within or without a patch

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Of course there are limits but classifying information as illegal and hiding it somehow makes it precious. Anyone can promote any useful information here as soon as it is not spam.

@shadisaadi thank you very much for the tutorial. That will be helpful for anyone setting up RDP.

However what I’m saying is really important. Disabling windows update makes a PC defenseless to 0 day viruses, trojans, etc. When a new threat appears that attacks to windows’ internals Microsoft quickly patches it and releases fix through windows update. Disabling windows update means that PC won’t download such security patches. Disabling Internet connection completely might be considered as a solution but I don’t know if it worths or not. If you’re doing it for your own it is OK but if you’re doing it for someone else they should clearly understand these consequences.


you welcome emre

and I totally agree with you this is why i didn’t explain it at the tutorial therefore if someone needs this kind of a solution must google it and do it at his own risk