What I expect in V5

Pivot tables are available in custom reports in case you didnt know. Look here:


PS. Here is link to the Documentation Wiki you will see that it is not complete as it was a community project and we had only select few contribute but it does have very good information.


I’m glad people started asking things even biggest companies with largest teams does not have. imho we’re doing really great lol… As we’ve formed a beta team I expect to release public releases less frequently to improve quality of stable releases. V4 updated almost 2 or 3 times every week but for V5 we’ll release a new update once every 2-3 months. Unfortunately the best we can do for V5 is noticing user for new updates. For now I don’t think updating a production system automatically is a good idea. However I agree that needs a solution. Web based POS solutions doing great for updates but that solution still has disadvantages for mission critical operations. We have a great idea for V6. Not cloud, not web based but intelligently compiled hybrid solution that combines most benefits of these. We’ll test few ideas (JScript integrations, auto configuration, custom reporting, etc) with V5. You’ll see automatic updates for some specific features soon.

Also thank you for the pivot table idea. We also have some pivot table samples here.


So, next week will be 1 of June, do you think that you will get the V 5 LIVE ? :smiley:

I do not recall him saying it would be out the 1st of June.

It could be though …

Hi Emre,

What would be the results of updating from V4 to V5 on a existing system.
I have now 2 systems running, not perfect but doing the job, as I’m also a new-bee and still have to learn a lot.
I managed to set up the 2 systems within 3 weeks without any prior SambaPOS knowledge.
I do have an IT background, so this is helping a lot.

I do strongly believe that SambaPOS has a great future and like even in a developer situation I could maybe help as a test case.
Keep up the good work, and hope V5 is soon lounged.


@emre do you have an official release date for V5? I’m very curious and excited about working on V5!!

Lol this topic is a hit xD

The only date @emre has released is June but it was tentative so we will hope.

Hi guys, quick suggestion. Will it be possible in V5 to have an option to download a clean copy, without any testing data or mock up restaurant?

Or have a simple way to clean the historical data?

Thank you

PS. Thank you to everyone who has answered my previous posts. I’m on here late at night after work and don’t get the time to respond to everyone, but do appreciate the help. Thank you

You can do that now if you choose not to install sample data

I must have missed a step when I installed V4.

Thank you for the insight.

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Hi guys, I’m not sure if this request has been made for V5. Can we please utilise system sound for notification when the kitchen display is updated.

If we use the system sounds engine, then any end user can replace the system sound file with whatever audio file they choose to use.

Hope this makes sense.

Thank you

You can do that in v4 with start process action.

I’m aware of this, however this is more of a work around which relies on the file being saved locally and the file being opened using an audio player. This also doesn’t work across devices, unless you had the file saved in the same location on every device etc.

Is there no way to trigger a system sound using a start process?

There has to be a way to trigger a system sound. I mean software uses system sounds everyday.

The tricky bit is to only trigger the system sound on only the device(s) which has the kitchen display or bar display open and only when either of those tabs are open.

Would this not be down to how you setup your rule to fire a start process action?

I’m sorry JTRTech, I’m still learning Samba and haven’t had any experience setting up this type of process, so don’t have a clue where to start.

That aside, how would you call on a system notification and not a file name? Keeping in mind that there are different versions of Windows, with system notification files in different folder locations etc.

Dont get me wrong Ive never had much dealing with start process action myself or system sounds for that matter.

There must be a way to trigger a system sound using some code maybe in a .bat file.
I mean plenty of software seems to use system sounds for error messages etc - unless they have the sound file internally.

Thinking about your idea though some form of sound output could be handy for other ideas…
Notification to check on a table…
If someone finds a solution for cash drawer state feedback maybe some sounder if the cash drawer is left open for more than a given amount of time (have seen this in places like the post office and supermarkets)…

Has emre given any thoughts to it? Not sure if it would be a big job to allow samba itself to output a sound… perhaps from a sounds folder next to the images folder in the SambaPOS folder…

Google gives lots of results for customizing the system sounds but cant find anything of how to use in 3rd party software.