Easiest and fastest way to configure the program for a food court Restaurant

Hello, I am new for all of this, I had just entered the restaurant field, and I have a restaurant (fast food) in a food court opening soon, plenty of things had to be done so I had no time to learn how to adjust the program then try to do so. I sat for almost 4 hours now to try to deploy the delivery system and at last many things does not work. All I need is three types of selling, Dine in but without tables as it is in a food court, and take away and the delivery system. for the dine in and take away the order will be paid at once. So is there an easy way for that, a template or so which I can install on the program and every thing could be set. thank you in advance.

I assume you are using this for your delivery?

If it doesn’t work, please specify exactly what doesn’t work. Re-confirm all your steps. Then ask specific questions and post screenshots of what part doesn’t work.

For your dine in / take away without tables, it’s easy - you can just use one department for both and use this setup for switching between dine in and take away:

For the department, make sure you set the Ticket Creation Method to Create Ticket, this will stop it asking for the entity (table).


Thank you for your reply, what does not work is the display ticket, when clicking on it nothing happen, I reviewed my work but cant find what is wrong.