EBT configuration

Hi guys I try to implement the EBT payment for one of my customer by following the Emre Limited payment by payment type, stop in ad new payment because when I click on ad new payment not show
Order state name:
Order State Value:
I realize that is because the version of samba but can’t find


Hello someone can Help?

using the forum search, I found the following:

Thanks a lot only need to this to finish the configuration for a Super Market . I will implement to night.

Thanks Emre for your support and for the best POS software ever :slight_smile:

I try to implement the tutorial Sodexo but when I click on ad new payment not show
Order state name:
Order State Value:

FYI emre passed away last year.

What do you mean?
Where are you expecting payment type to show order state and value?
Explain what your trying to do.

The tutorial you’re reading doesn’t work with V5 (payment types no longer have settings for ‘Order State Name’ and ‘Order State Value’.

I would think product tags and a payment processor would be the way to go.

Never mind I found where I lose. In the tutorial the picture show the “Order State Name: PF” and Order “State Value: SDX”, in payment type General Setting (this Tutorial is for SAMBAPOS 4). My version of SAMBA is V5 so to finish the EBT configuration; I looking for payment processor under the payment type, named as Filter by Order State them click setting and them you find Order State name and order state Value. And now everything is working like charm. :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help Memo yes you right the solution is Payment processor.

Thanks a lot and have a nice day