EBT Receipt template wrong

Hello , I am having an issue where the calculation of my math is completely wrong.

please take a look at my receipt .

I followed these threads

We can better understand if you can give more details about how your EBT calculation works, what is the expected calculation and what it calculates instead.

Still don’t understand???
Total 11.98 - EBT 1.5 = 10.48 and 10.48 paid by cash

What is wrong???

nevermind it just how it is set up on the receipt . sorry .

What is wrong with the receipt above?

what i was expecting is for the receipt to be in this order.

Grand total :31.22
discount: 4%
total: 29.97
Foodstamp: 3.75

total is correct but the order is not. do you understand ?

So, it is your template problem then. You can rearrange what ever you like it is not a problem.
If you don’t want tender amount to include EBT, you just subtract EBT from tendered amount [=F(TN(‘{TENDERED TOTAL}’ - TN(‘whatever you ebt is’),‘0.00’)]

EDIT: I think you EBT is {PAYMENT TOTAL:Food Stamp}

[<J00>Food Stamp:|{PAYMENT TOTAL:Food Stamp}]
<J00>Balance:|[=F((TN('{TICKET TOTAL}') - TN('{PAYMENT TOTAL:Food Stamp}')),'0.00')]
<J00>Tender:|[=F((TN('{TENDERED TOTAL}') - TN('{PAYMENT TOTAL:Food Stamp}')),'0.00')]
[<J00>Change:|{CHANGE TOTAL}]
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