Email End Of Day Report?

I’d like to email an end of day report to our partner. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I can’t find any reference documentation on SambaPOS automation.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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  1. use print Report action

    2.use send email action
  2. make a rule to send email

    That’s what I did and it works great for me
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thank you. I tried it. I will report results after I close tonight. I’m starting to understand how Automation in SambaPOS works. There are actions and triggers for every event.

Still, it would be useful to have reference documentation. but the forums are perfect for now . Thanks.


okay i followed your pictures but how did you set up z action. and then after everything is configured. how exactly do the email get sent out? when i log-out does it automatically send the email. or i will have to manually send it by pressing a button.

The rule Work Period Ended starts the process and sends the email. So once you end a Work Period it will email it.

what is the z action for???

followed your steps and i didn’t receive an email

Show your config. Something is setup wrong.

The Z action is for the Z-report. In the screenshots, it is the action named:

Execute email Print Job

It is responsible for printing the Orders to a text file called order.txt via what is defined as the Invoice Printer.

Then this file is sent via email as an attachment, though in the screenshots, the email action refers to Z.txt

the action name for z action what is the action type ?

The Action Type for the Z action is Execute Print Job.

you told it to name it order.txt …not z.txt your printer type is wrong as well. It should not be Demo Printer. It should be custom and then Save to File printer.

What are you trying to do?

If your wanting to email the Work Period Report here is what you do.

Create Save Report to File action:

Create the Send Email action:

Create the rule to execute first the Save to File and second the Send Email action:

I used automation command for illustration but you may choose to use On Work Period end instead.

The file name I used dynamically dates the file for the current date.


you guys are confusing me . i followed the pizzaeilat4 steps first and he got it too work . now your telling my that order.txt and z.txt is wrong. if he has it like that and i followed his steps . wouldn’t that mean what he showed us is wrong also?

how do i get the file name i am lost with that point also.

what you mean what am i trying to do?
isnt this post about sending the report to my email address

What I just showed you works. I left the email parts blank you should fill those in thats common sense… but the rest of my actions etc can be copied exact. Obviously you change the DIR to where your going to store your file. Same for the email.

I used a dynamic naming system for my files. So it automatically dates them. YOu dont have to do that if you dont want too you can simply tell it to save the file as c:\workperiod.xps if you wish. It needs to be saved as .xps or it wont open correctly.

If you do want to dynamically date the files using my example the structure is as follows.

c:\yourdirpath\WP_[the long helper file i posted].xps This produces a file saved in c:\yourpath\ and its named WP_[todays date].xps

@pizzaeilat4 is showing you another method and quite frankly I am not sure what that method is and it looks like he left out a step that is understood for advanced users but would confuse someone else. I might test his method see exactly what he is doing. He might just be printing a custom END of Day report that he made using printer tags… not the Work Period report.

SO that said are you referring to the actual Work Period Report or are you talking about a custom End of Day report you made using Printer Template?

If your referring to the Work Period Report then you need to follow my example. If your talking about a custom End of day report Printer Template you made then we can use his. But I will clean up his example he left out a few things.

Maybe your right but it looks like to me he just renamed some stuff for example and forgot to be consistent with the renames. It looks like to me z.txt should have been in the printer share name too instead of orders.txt

Or maybe he forgot and left out some info. I will try and recreate what he did and see if I can figure that out. But again his method works if you made a custom Template for end of Day. If what your wanting is to send the Work Period Report then my example is what you need to follow.

EDIT: I think he just got some screenshots mixed up. He said to Use Print report action but showed something else. Let me look into what he was doing.

EDIT: Ok it looks like he was understanding that you made your own END of Day report using Printer Template. IS this the case?

The screenshots do not correspond directly to the explanations/descriptions in the first posts of this thread. That is what makes it confusing. They need to be corrected, because, yes, if you look at a screenshot then look at the description, they don’t correlate, thus one or both are wrong.

it is not creating a folder
file is not being created

You must create the folder. It will only make a file. Show your rule please. ?

Good idea @Jesse, I was thinking the same thing. The piece that is missing from the example given by @pizzaeilat4 is the Printer Template. You cannot define a Print Job without a Printer Template.

@honey3d40, if you want to get this going, you can follow the example given by @Jesse. It is the proper way to Save a Report to a File, even though there are other options to accomplish the task in a similar manner.