Email WorkPeriod Report and Gmail settings

Looks like samba cannot access H drive, you’ll need to save the file somewhere else

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I tried all my drives and couldnt make it work :confused:

Wonder if that file name path from another tutorial is the key ¿?

You need file name on that he

The screen shot is using variable in filename which shouldn’t be needed if not needed to be kept as can just be static and overwritten.

You also may get issue of file cannot be generated quick enough for email sending action to have file available. This can be resolved by splitting the rule into two with either execute automation command with delay or background option set

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thank you it helps a lot = )

Maybe these are older screenshots but last time I saw this mentioned I’m sure there was a command name option on export report which would remove need for execute command action as the export action would trigger the command on export completion.

I did what you Sir suggest me and found this:

this is what I understood from that post… but still cant send the report by email =/

this is the enviar email action btw

The export action please.

And you get no errors or messages?
Is the report file generated?

Only this pop up =/, also there is only one report under H:\reportes
I thought there should be more than one cause Ive been ending work period

No, as I said with static filename it will ovewrite the file. If you want log on exports you need to have a variable name.
Ok, so you are getting an email error.
Check the log file and post it.
Did you enable ‘less secure sending’ in gmail? Unless enabled it would need oauth 2 step type verification like when you setup with email client program which samba doesn’t support. Less secure enables basic auth as in action settings without oauth. I’d guess that is most likely issue but logs will give more detail.


Yes, I enable less secure apps where can I find the log file

I’m sure you already have but double check your password is correct.
Another possibility is the password you have is not strong enough, Gmail may allow a weaker password from within a browser but refuse it from a 3rd party program.
Also check
And see if your samba ip is being blocked.

Another setting you can try is

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finally the email was sent… thank Joe Trice-Rolph and kryptonfactor

Do I need a specific application to open this. csv file?

Ok, I see, your used save report over data export.
Save to file should be .xps file type.

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thank you ! its working fine now = )