End work period vs. open tickets

Hello all,
we’ve been using Samba in our restaurant for two years now and modified it to meet all of our needs. One of the last problems that complicates our workflow is this:
We’ve got accommodation as well. Our guests stay for a couple of days and their orders are added to a ticket with a Customer set to e. g. Room no.1.
The problem is that we need to close work period multiple times during their stay. What I have to do now is that I have to close and print their ticket every evening and cash all of them at the end of their stay.
I would like to print the whole ticket at the end of their stay. The work period item sales report should show all of the items that were added to the ticket during the work period while cash account should obviously increase only when the whole ticket is paid.
I was not able to find a solution for this - pre-order ticket does not work because I prepare and serve the food once its added to the ticket (and therefore need to decrease inventory and increase item sales), customer account does not work as well as I’m not able to print the whole ticket at once.

Any help is much appreciated,

This is a topic that has come up before.
Accounts is the correct way to handle your situation but understand your comments about printing an itemized bill.
I had a look at working out a way to print an itemised statement but since didnt have a direct demand the my input dwindled.
It doesnt effect our system as we use a PMS with API and charge tickets to the room on the PMS which bypasses this issue.
Never been a fan of preorders and your senario rules that out anyway.

@JTRTech is correct: Accounts is the way to go for sure. In your case, “Room Accounts”.

Combining Purchases (Tickets) from separate days onto a single Ticket would be a bit tricky, but it could be done (thinking Reopen/CancelPayments Actions here).

If a single Ticket Print is not completely necessary, then you could create some Automation for “Print Room Account” which loads and prints each Ticket that was paid by the Room Account, in succession.

I personally would reconmend and consider booking accounts rather than rooms, allows clean account per booking.
See my posts on the hotel room (entity) topic;

Probably a better way is to just use Custom Reports.

You would still Settle Tickets to a Room/Booking Account.

It could be similar to the Customer Purchase History Tutorial, but you could expand the Report to contain more detail, and print the Report.