End work period, with open tickets

is there any way to end a work period with open tickets ?


Preorder option on update ticket.
If this is for your hotel setup, DONT do it!

why not? the account root I have taken is not what I am really after.

I want to be able to setup room numbers just like table layout, and then take orders, and only “close” them, so when the customer is checking out I just need to press settle and take payment,

I don’t want to have to search in accounts etc…

Suite yourself, I told you would should use a booking account like in the topic I linked to then no searching etc.
If you go down preorder route you spend twice as long sorting out your reporting as while preorder lets you keep a ticket open a ticket can still only be for ONE SPECIFIC DAY via the ticket date meaning that either your sales go into the work period AFTER closing leaving the date or you have to update the ticket date forward each dayand any room based sales for today will have to move on to the next day.
You will struggle with part payments I recon also.

But do whatever you want, good luck, Iver setup several hotels in a couple of different ways and preorder was not one of them…

I cant find the topic you linked, could you send it again here please?

On one of your other topics where you were trying to clear an account on checkout.
The solution is to not use a single room account for all guests to stay in that room but to use guest/booking acounts and set automation to add the guest/booking to the ticket when you select the room using custom data fields on the room which link the current booking/guest to the room.

I gave you the link on this post here;

just went through the post, very confusing, no clear instructions on how to get it set up.

any chance you could briefly explain how It set up?

So I should spend several hours writing a full tutorial?
It has screenshots of all the major rules and several people have used.
Have you even tried any of it?