Entity Button Caption is not working for tickets that have been pre-order

Entity Button Caption is not working anymore in v5.55 for tickets that have been pre-order

Table: T01 has a ticket that used to be a pre-order, now it isn’t anymore but the button caption isn’t working anymore.

    {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:[EN.Customer]:(TEN.Table=$1) and (TCET=Customer) and T.RemainingAmount>0 }<br/>
    {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0 } 

In the Report Builder the {REPORT TICKET DETAILS} also doesn’t work for tickets that have been a Pre-order.

Is RemainingAmount on the PreOrder Ticket greater than zero?

Yes it is

Pre order are not real tickets yet. Likely that has to do with it.

But in this example the ticket isn’t a Pre order anymore. So i would think it should become a normal ticket and act like any other ticket.

OK. That relates with how I’ve changed fetching tickets by last payment date instead of ticket date. I think I’ll step back and use ticket date as I’ve originally implemented. As we have an option to change ticket date with Change Ticket Type action we can control in which work period we’ll show related ticket in.

so… it will work fine on next update (.56)

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That confirms what i already thought.

Although i must say that imho last payment date seems the correct method somehow,
The default workperiod reports does seem to do better with the last payment date(at least in my case).

But on the other hand it’s easy enough to change the ticket date with an action or script(as i do) (maybe pre ordering and changing date when non-pre ordering is an option for chris89?; Running tabs/re-opening tickets V5). Doing this will give you control over in which workperiod the ticket is. For the default workperiod report i already have most of the things i would like to know in my own report.

I know that everybody says that i shouldn’t use the Pre Orders for multiple days tickets, but renting out a room, pitch or bicycle is working pretty nice together with a product timer.
I just use some ‘ask question actions’ that will add products with product timers (caravan, camper, people on pitch, tourist tax, etc) and in the night I Pre Order all tickets when closing the workperiod (scripted).
This will give me a single ticket and printed bill in the end.

Starting a new workperiod I run a script that will set all pre-orders back to normal tickets and will change the ticket date.

Up till now I haven’t seen any real drawbacks, BUT I must say that for my setup i don’t really care who has made the sale, who gets tip and that kind of stuff. It’s just me and my wife operating SambaPOS from about 4 different devices (Mobile Phone, Laptop with Touch, or PC).

The Sales and Financial information in the Database is solid and that does matter :smile:

But I’m not i a hurry for the 5.56 so take it easy

.56 is released and reports will work by ticket’s creation date as it was before. People who needs to see them by last payment date can optionally update ticket’s date by using change ticket type action when ticket gets paid. I think this is the best solution to handle most related issues.

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Thanks, and sorry for my late response.

We’ve been so busy building the website which has to be online before chistmas. So for that reason Samba didn’t have any piority at all.

From what i already know how sambapos works I’m sure this will fix my issue.
Thanks again but i’ll will not be able to test it after christmas

Just did a quick install and test, it’s worrking again.