Entity Caption Button Change

i am trying to make Table button like below.

I have added below code but its not working

    <block Center >
<block Left >
<block Left ><size 60>Customer </size></block><panel><bold><italic>{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Customer:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-}</italic></bold></panel><br/>
<block Left ><size 60>Amount </size></block><panel><bold><italic>{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-}</italic></bold></panel><br/>
<block Right ><size 200>$1</size></block>

can some please guide how to format it. I have tried panel as well.


Where are you entering it?
Have you ensured the entity screen has the option display state formatting ticked?

@JTRTech opes… sorry i forgot post the link.

I have followed this link Changing Table Button Captions

@JTRTech I have tried below as well but this also not working correctly… please help .

<panel  gray left 250> <block 10,10,10,10  gray left 250>
Customer:{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Customer:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-}<br/>
Amount :{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.Table=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0:-} <br/>
<panel #FF0000 right 250><size 150><bold>$1</bold></size>

can someone please guide me any tutorial for panel and block to understand the how to design.

Just search block format

@sukasem I have searched for block and panel but not finding result which can solve my problem.