Entity screen cashup widgets not working after update


after update to 5.2.20 , cash up screen not working those values we enter is just showing and disappearing immediately. any solution or anybody else faced this issue?


any one can help me? would be very thankful @RickH setup


Can you show an example of it doing it?


When Entervalue its not saving disappears immediately


How is the number stored is it by { SETTING }? Are you storing global or local?

Do you have any automation that refreshes the entity screen every time you input a value?

I used to have something similar when the value was stored as a local value and I had another rule refreshing the entity screen after a number was input which caused it to disappear


thank you rick for quick reply , i dint changed anything that was your setup, and was working fine just after update to 5.2.20 its behavior changed. may not solved by me however i will try .


Your entering something in the editor widget and it’s disappearing from that? Or are you deleting what you enter?


I ask because I’m using screens with editor widgets and label widgets and they are working fine. It looks like your refreshing screen.


there is no refresh entity screen rule, and Jesse ye siam entering editor widget showing value than disappering the value as seen in above gif , i tried autofresh untick editor widget properties ,still same , i have old setup in another location working verywell , is there antything with update to entity screnns in 5.2.20 ? @VehbiEmiroglu


Not that I can see. It’s working fine in reservation setup. Can you show your widget settings.



Show the editor widget settings.


Thank you for your help please find attached editor widget settings


We probably need to rewrite this. You should set the localsetting value in the widget instead of feeding it through a rule.


any chance give one example , so i will try to rewrite thank in advance