Entity Type Display Format, Primary Field & Format, Balance Display

@emre, what is the proper syntax to use in these fields, and where are they used?

Display Format
Primary Field Name
Primary Field Format
Account Balance Display Format

For example, assuming I have a Customer named John Doe with a Phone Number of 3333 3333, and 10 Points…

In Display Format, if I enter [Name]-[Phone]-[Points], then I see at the top of the Ticket

-33333333- (525.00)

If I leave the field blank, then I see at the top of the Ticket:

John Doe (525.00)

To fix your issue set Primary Field Name as Name.

  • Display Format: Changes how entity names appears on tickets and entity buttons. Use [Name]-[Custom Field Name] syntax to change it. You can use fixed characters such as dash, comma etc… to separate values.
  • Primary Field Name: By default unique primary value you need to enter for an entity is Name. You can change it with Primary Field Name setting. For example you can use Card Number for Loyalty Card entities. Or Phone Number for customers.
  • Primary Field Format: You can define a format for Primary Field. For example if your primary field is Phone Number you can enter a phone number format such as (###) ### ####
  • Account Balance Display Format: You can change how account balances appears on ticket.

It should be formatted as


For example:

he should pay #.00;we'll pay #.00;nothing


  • 15 displayed as:  he should pay 15.00
  • -15 displayed as: we’ll pay 15.00
  • 0 displayed as: nothing

Sweet! Thanks much @emre!

Entity Custom Data Field Values

I’m having trouble locating the purpose of this field, and how to use it. I though it may be for setting default values when you create a new Entity, but that doesn’t seem to be the case (at least not when creating through Manage > Entities > Entities

Also, it it possible, in the Entity Type Definition, or the Entity itself, to place something like this in the Values field?


@QMcKay values setting is useful to create selection combo boxes. Like Customer Type, Regular, VIP,Super Hero.

Should we use it as default value if single value entered? It sounds fine to me. Only I couldn’t understand the benefit of configuring it as a setting.

I originally had a decimal value in each of the Rate fields of the Entity Type. I was hoping that when I created an Entity of that Type, it would use the Value stored in the Entity Type by default. But that doesn’t work in Manage section… it might work fine on Entity Search > Add Entity, but for Employees, I created them under Manage section.

Then I thought, what if I could store the 3 Rate values in a Program Setting, then each Entity could read the 3 Rate values from the Settings… because they all use the same Rates anyway. It was just a thought… and it’s not a big deal - it all works fine the way I have it now.

I was just curious.

Thanks @emre. :wink:

Hm… If it is same for everyone using custom fields is not needed.

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Correct, but that could change, and when I originally designed it all, I wanted to be thorough enough for that possibility. Using the default (Setting) value was just an afterthought, because I like to be able to edit as few things as possible across multiple Entities… edit a value in 1 place and it trickles through…

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I can agree with @QMcKay I like the idea.

Wooow a 1000 thanks. Now it works.
Were do I change the size of the Buttons?
Then I still have problems with setting up the ticket printer with æøå

And the ! sign on the left of the ticket like here

@emre already responded in a different post about your printer issue. Please try to keep your questions and requests organized together. Making multiple posts about same thing only confuses and will make getting your answer take longer.

Sorry but I am just getting to know this pages and chat. I just can´t find the list of codes that @emre is referring to? Can you help with a directly link to the list or the code for denmark?