Eod of Day Inventory missing

I need help here as not sure what the heck is going on?

It seems we are starting to loose stock! Here is the End of Day report 4 weeks ago:

The report today and the customer is getting peed :frowning:

You can see Midori, Oyzo, Pimms, Sailor, Southern Comfort all not present on the End of Day inventory.

What have I misunderstood as not much on the forum.
Help please…

Sorry, missread that.

Was there defiantly sale for those products?

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what is the sort order? if its alphabetical there are others mot on seccond screenshot also.

Yea Mate - Inventory what a nightmare!

Note sure if those products were sold in that time but not sure what this button does?

Also using version 5.1.60 which does not have the sorting yet…

Oh I must be losing the PLOT :joy::upside_down_face:

Have pressed that button now I have the data safely on my play unit:

Obviously that is used for such like this occasion!
Bugger search did not return anything?