What causes Inventory to disappear in EOD?


Following on from my previous topic here:

Bombay Gin

The stock was purchased in 01/03/2018 and here is the EOD -

Below is the report of consumption history -

This was the last reported EOD record and all is good here -

THEN A low day consumption and never to be seen again -


If I use this button I can get a EOD record back for all the stock that has dropped off:

How do I enter the purchased value?

Why has this occurred - is it a design feature?

Has the User done something incorrect?

I am struggling to explain this one to the customer…

Some help from the more experienced would be much appreciated
Thanks Paul.


EoD only shows Inventory Items that were sold or purchased during the Workperiod (ie. Items whose Quantity has changed).


(Oh saved!)

Hi Q.

But how do I do a stock take if the item does not show anymore? Bombay Gin was last used 3 weeks ago and now he has done a stock take and has nowhere to enter the QTY?


So @QMcKay:

It seems they you need to repurchase the Stock back in if there is no entry for EOD? Surely that cannot be correct…

The EOD may let you create “Unmapped” Items but the EOD will not let you edit Value. The only way to get a Cost assigned is to repurchase the stock back in - tested ok.

This cannot be correct usage…


I can only assume this is by design to keep the list short enough to be managable.

Surely, you should not need to (nor should you) enter purchases. Plus, you cannot Purchase when the WP is closed anyway. All the Items still exist with the “correct” Quantities; you just cannot see them on this particular EoD list.


Surely yes :confounded:


I agree it must be done by design BUT:

If you do a Stock Take, period is closed, the item was not sold during that period or the period before then it does not show!

Question is how do you then enter a new value and quantity for a manual stock take? Stock takes only occur monthly…


Well check this out:

It creating lots of nice records then drops off the face of the planet…

Below is the EOD where Bombay Gin was last ever seen along with other products that drop off like flies - it just doe not make any sense…


I don’t have the answer for that. I don’t do Stock Takes. I use Inventory for determining when to order, but mostly for P&L.

As I said, the Items still exist, you just can’t see them in the EoD list.

It has always been this way.


Well at least QMcKay it is good to hear another opinion because sometimes when talking to one’s self you think “I must be absolutely missing something”.

It very hard to love this product in the absence of @emre as at least he could say “yes” or “no” on issues we face. The way support (or lack of) is there is nobody who is responding to such issues and hence the forum light dwindles…

Sorry you heard it all before :pensive:


Maybe try changing <DefaultRecordLimit> from 100 to something higher in SambaSettings.txt (doubt it will help in this case, but anyway) …


Ummm ok…
So you are thinking maybe it reaches it limit after saving the same thing - I will count the EOD records BUT 1/03/2018 - 8/06/2018 is pretty flipping close :hushed:


I don’t expect the setting to change the number of EoD records; rather, it might change the number of Items inside an EoD list.

AFAIK, the setting is for other areas, such as Product List, Inventory Item List, etc. It controls when you would see the blue “Display All Items” link at the top of the list.


Well @QMcKay you see that’s what I’m talking about!!

Check this out Started 01/03/2018 - Finished 07/06/2018
March 31 days + April 30 days + May 31 days + June 7 days = 99 days

What do you think?
It stops creating EOD records that have no meaning after 100…

The issue is you cannot EDIT the Value only the Quantity and all “appended” items have a Zero Value so not much help as all reports are put out for Value Estimations.

Holy crap! we are going to have a visitation…


End of Day records auto generates from transactions made in the work period and we use them to generate inventory reports. I don’t think there is 100 item limit there.


Well royalty is here :grinning:
How do you enter corrected quantities after a stock take if they are no longer in the list Emre? Like there were no sales for 3 weeks…


What do you mean by corrected quantity ?


After a stock take Samba says 10 units but you count manually 8? If there not in the list how to enter 8 units on hand?

This has a line but what if there was no transaction.


“Physical” Inventory. Current Inventory on-hand as manually counted.


Hmmm :slight_smile: The first thing I can think is moving items to a waste warehouse… but what happens when you append unmapped items?