Epson TM U220 font size

I no longer have the TM U220!
someone who has it can try with the following command:

XCT 27,77,1

As I’ve guessed even TMU220 does not support this command but it resets font size. I’ve implemented a small feature to skip line formatting.

I’ve added two xct commands to enable double height and removed font size settings from order’s J tag.

This is my result. The modified version is on the back.

It will be available on next update.

I found a problem with epson tm U295!
if you use windows printer as you should expect that pulls the sheet and then print.
this does not happen, as you put the paper aside and does not print anything.
while if you are printing the reports or the account it works perfectly!

Hi Emre - can you confirm what specific features from the commands do?

When I add these, I get the bigger size I want but the entire ticket prints in all red.

Your question is not for @emre to confirm. You need to confirm this yourself.

Read your printer documentation to discover what the commands do, because the codes are different from one printer to another, and there are hundreds of code sequences.

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Got it… thank you :sunny:

Some info on using a TM-U220 Printer

I got the info from this link

Here is my kitchen template as an example

    <T>{USER NAME}
    <J>Time:{TIME} | Date:{TICKET DATE}
    <L>Table:{ENTITY NAME:Table}
    <L>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
    <L>- {QUANTITY} {NAME}
    <J>- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|**Void**
    -- Format for order tags
    <J>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}

    <XCT>27,33,16 = double height
    <XCT>27,114,1 = Change to color 2 (in my case printing in red color)
    <XCT>27,114,0 = Change to color 1 (black)
    <XCT>27,69,1 = EMPHASIS ON
    <XCT>27,69,0 = EMPHASIS OFF

@Vasilios thanks for the informative info,
Just to confirm the commands for dive and colour in your printer are all working as expected?
Just picked up a couple of u220 printers for an upcoming project and was apprehensive about getting the colour command to setup.
Thanks in advance :smile:

Yea everything is working great. I have it so the item is black and the order tags are red underneath. Helps with readability

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