Equipment Purchases

So I have been upgrading equipment for the restaurant and I have some experiences I thought I would share.

I ordered 2 of these drawers and they look awesome and are very well built. I totally recommend these.

I also went ahead and ordered 2 more of these ethernet printers since my tests with the first one went so well I can recommend these for price/function:

I took a gamble with these, I ordered 2. They are cheap and I wont use the keyboard. I will post my experience with them when they come in.

I ordered this for my NFC/Chip/Swipe card reader.


That Tablet looks decent but I think you should have gone with a newer processor . and at least a 64gb to be honest. I’ve had 32gb and due to all the updates windows requires and stuff like that, you are barely left with any to spare. The rest look good :wink: And that NFC/chip reader… Are you going to be using that for your PayPal?

These will not host the database locally it will connect via wifi. Yes that was the risk but I fully plan to switch to the PMPOS GQL app version once its ready. These tablets were a gamble it could backfire but luckily I can return them to any local walmart I do not have to ship them back.

Yes I already have it and have been testing it. It supports all the contactless too like Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Apple Pay etc. For now until I can work out an integration I will simply open the windows 10 app for PayPal here and submit the charges that way. Even using the app its faster than what I had before. I can automate opening the app when Settle is pressed and simply type in the amount and press charge.

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So I got my first tablet in today and out of box no tweaks Sambapos runs very fast on it. I am quite impressed for $109 spent. I’ll post video later. It came with full size usb3 port, HDMI out, micro SD slot and mini display port.

Windows 10 does remarkably well on low memory low power cpu,s

Do you know of that’s branded differently outside us?
Can’t see anything similar rca of uk eBay etc?

RCA is a well known USA brand of over 90 years so I am not sure.

Yeah you won’t find RCA brand in the UK. You used to (remember Tandy, they used to sell RCA and RadioShack stuff which is another US brand but they closed in the 90s.

All cheap tablets are generally just rebranded, so it will be hit and miss to find exactly who makes this one.

Meant to show video but tablet is updating. I’ll get one tomorrow. Updates take forever but actual performance was really fast once the app was loaded. Windows 10 is really snappy I was surprised.