Event for when order quantity is changed via +/- buttons with Status=Submitted

Against recommendation, a location wants to be able to modify a submitted order if a customer calls later to modify an existing order (some pizzas are a PITA to void and enter again).

Using the Update Order action I am able to unlock the order and modify it.

However, I want a paper trail/log in the event they try and blame us for something being changed (has saved our asses in the future). I would like to log the menu item name, current quantity, then new quantity, and only if the order has been submitted.

I’m not sure what event to use if the quantity is changed via the +/- minus buttons or if it’s even possible to grab the info I’m looking for.

ANy thoughts?


@JTRTech has a tutorial about creating custom +/- buttons (AMC). A log could be started when one of the buttons is pressed.

Would cloning the order and voiding original order be a better solution?

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Brilliant. Thanks!

I didn’t know one could turn off the +/- buttons.

But I like your idea of the void/clone idea. This will be better for all involved.

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