TUTORIAL: Custom +/- Buttons

So following some tricky automation I found myself needing to ‘catch’ order quantity changes on the +/- buttons but that’s currently only possible through Ticket Total Changed event but that gave me other issues as was working with calculations.

Automation Commands
Plus Quantity

Minus Quantity

Both will want mapping to order line with visible state of New

Automation Command Executed Rule

You could get creative with order states to make minus disable on 1 quantity but opted just for action constraints.


I think you missed Actions setup, I couldn’t find Update Order Quantity action type, there is Update Order Tag Quantity only

Yes I did, it’s just an Update Order action with the only used field of [:Quantity].
Its not order tag quantity.

But if you create these buttons, don’t you end up with a duplicate set of + / - buttons?

I don’t think there is a way to disable the default buttons?

You can disable them.

I assume you mean like this:

But that doesn’t allow me to disable for any Admin users. Is there another way to disable?

On a side note - any idea what the difference is between “Change Order Quantity” and “Change Selected Order Quantity”?

You can :wink:
I missed that too, there is two quantity user roles permissions of which ok one disables the built in ones

It’s really good to be able to disable and use our own custom buttons. I had problem with the default buttons before because they messed up my gift card setup (using gift certificate tutorial).

Hi Jesse, Mark,

When I use my custom + - button it does not do the same as the systems + - buttons when I want to split/move the orders.

Example: Normally if I’ve 2 kebab and I would click on - I see: 1 (1) Kebab. After click on move it moves 1 Kebab.

With custom + - it just makes it 1 kebab. How did you solve this problem?

Doubtfull that would be achievable.
Only possibility I can see would maybe be a complex flow of canceling 2 kebab, adding 1 then creating new ticket with 1…

it would be great if we could call up the functionalities of the current buttons in an AC Button @mehmet :slight_smile: We could skip the whole left bar. :smiley:

What are you doing that needs custom +/-, maybe an alternative solution might be an option?

It is used often to split a ticket @JTRTech

I got that bit, I mean the reason you needed to change from default +/- buttons to cistlm ones.

I want to skip the whole left bar. I’ve replaced all buttons. Alle buttons are replaceable except the ± buttons.

We are releasing a new split ticket feature very soon.


@Jesse great any expectation of split a single product like 1 to 0.5 X 2 with the new update ?

Yes it will be supported.

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