Exclude menu item from template on ticket lister

How would one go about excluding a menu item in the ticket lister template?

I’ve tried

[ORDERS:Item Name]
– nada

– nada

– nada


Memo I’m pretty sure you can do that from the listers widget settings. I don’t think you need to use the template. I am fairly sure I’ve done it with the filters in the past.

THanks for the tip. Sorry to bother with a simple question but my brain is fried after yesterday. I was looking for some baby food so I didn’t have to chew.

I’ll look into order state as a filter instead.

From one of your replies a couple years ago it seems one can only filter by ticket data, not order data.

Thanks again for your reply!

@memo let me look at it… I am almost positive we can filter order data.

EDIT: Yes it seems you are correct. Order State is the simplest method.

However maybe try [ORDERS|GROUP TAG:tag1,tag2,tag3]

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I was able to do it with not setting any states on this one particular item.


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I didn’t try that. I just cleared the state Status when that item is added as there’s already a filter for Status=Submitted.

But I’ll give that a shot in the template and report when I get back from the beach.

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[ORDERS|GROUP TAG:x] did not work
[ORDERS|GROUP:x] did not work
[ORDERS GROUP|PRODUCT GROUP:x] did not work (though I don’t think this expression takes an input)

oh, well