Export customers details name phone etc to excel

I tried exporting to excel using feature on v5 but only comes txt file . I read examples it’s bit confusing for me. Screen shot example will help greatly.

you can get them at data on sql management studio.

Open sql management studio > Database > Tables > dbo.Entities (right click select top 1000 rows)

select items and copy, after paste on excel

Did you look up data exports?

Yes. Export feature text file. Can’t read. Bilda suggest sql method I tried it. Did work.

You cannot export directly to XLS or XLSX files.

Export to CSV file and Excel will be able to read it.

Thanks . Don’t know how? Any screen shots example?

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The same way you export to Text. Just change the extension for the Data Export from TXT to CSV and be sure your format delimiters match what your Locale uses, in general, a comma (,), or as the linked Topic shows, the semi-colon (;).

Hi. Do need create batch file?

Karim we can better understand your question if you can try to explain your need in more detail. Why you need to create a batch file?

I got customers name address telephone sambapos . I need details so I cud export to excel. group them up. In category. Sent SMS messages.

If you just want list into excel write a report to give what you want and put the report expression into the data export and set directory and filename as CSV then open that file in excel.

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Can u please post screen shot examples. It will take me years before if figure it out. I know it’s annoying explaining again and again.

What expressions will I need?

Something like this;

Then there is a data export action you can use in a rule to update the file.


It will be even better to add an expression to filter Customer Entities.


Oh, missed that bit, was screenshot of beta for a client, couldn’t find the latest version with filter…

Hi . I tried the way you describe. Phone address postcode showed on preview except name. Plus press export. Nothing happens. ???