Fast Cash with No Print

Hi All,

I added 2 Fast Cash button on Sales Screen :

1 - Cash Print => The first one i added it with Configuration Tasks > Setup Fast Payment Buttons

2 - Cash No Print => I Clone Automation Command

I need to know how to configure No Print Cash To Prevent Printing When Payment Cash Processed.
I found 2 topics on the Forum subjit : 1st and the 2nd
I Begin with adding 2 Actions :
1 - Update Ticket Status AUTOPRINT => No Print
2 - Udate Ticket Status AUTOPRINT => Print

And i added this actions to Fast Payment Rules and i add to ACM Auto Print Rule for Cash a constraint : {ORDER STATE:Autoprint}’==‘Print’

This Screen Shots of my Configurations step by step:

Action :


When Ticket is closed R-Enable Print Status :

When Payment Cash Proceeds Test on Status Print otherwise don’t print:

Could Any one on community help me what is wrong with my configuration.

In the final screen shot you’ve added a constraint for ORDER STATE:Autoprint since non of the setup you’ve shown above talks about ORDER STATE but TICKET STATE instead should it then not be TICKET STATE:Autoprint in your action constraint above?

Also it’s case sensitive so in the actions at the top screenshots in your update ticket state action you’ve set state name as AUTOPRINT not Autoprint so I think the action constraint in your final screenshot should be TICKET STATE:AUTOPRINT and not ORDER STATE:Autoprint


I changed the constarint to {TICKET STATE:AUTOPRINT}’==‘Print’ But it still ignore it and lunch print job.

Check your use of apostrophies, you have one after the } after the word AUTOPRINT but you dont have one at the start

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Rather than adding a constraint in the action why not add another custom constraint in the rule instead, so under you Payment type name equals cash add another line and pit

{ TICKET STATE:AUTOPRINT } equals (or matches, cant remember which one) Print

Then set the Execute Rule If: dropdown box to MATCHES ALL

now the receipt will only print if the payment type is cash AND the tickets autoprint state is set to Print

Dont forget to remove the constraint you added to the action, and save

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I think i’m gone bang my head to the wall. Ijoin my database, PLZ anyone could help me with it.

(DB file removed)

Hes on about doing these constraints

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I added this constraint but it block printing so it doesn’t print at all !!! :cold_sweat:

Then your ticket hasn’t been given that ticket state. But then how would it know what state it should be before its had the button press.

Something isn’t right about this set up.


Could you please take a look to my database ?

Ok, ive found your problem,

your orders of the actions is wrong in the rule ACM Close Settled Ticket Rule

Close Ticket should be on the bottom and AC Update Ticket State Enable Auto Print should be on the top…

it cant change ticket state after the tickets been closed

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Thank for your Help i chnaged action orders in AC Update Ticket State Enable Auto Print to the top but still wrong behavior.

When put my constrain as image below IT DOESN’T PRINT AT ALL Cash or Cash No Print :

And when i place my constraint in action it print in both settlement buttons:

My Head is gone EXPLODE :frowning:

Try changing what you have highlighted in blue to be Matches Print, instead of Equals Print

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The other questions is when do you update the ticket state to give it AUTOPRINT:Print? With a button? In another automation?

I GOT ITTTTTT !!! @RickH thanks a lot i added action AC Update Ticket State Enable Auto Print to ACM Fast Cash Rule so now it Print On Cash and doesn’t print in Cash No Print



You could have just added a command value to the button and used the automation command value as a constraint and just had one cash payment rule and put the constant on a print action :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But glad you got it working :slight_smile:

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I didn’t now it, i’ll try it :wink: