Fast Menu MC3 How does it work?

Hello Guys,

Just managed to update to v5.5 on a site,
they are looking to use the MC3 to take orders,

On their Main POS, we use the fast menu to switch between food and drinks.
I just wondering what happens on the MC3? How does it handle fast menu? will this be the same as the terminal it is assigned to?

Hello, the fast menu does not work in MC3 for now.

Hi Veysel, THanks for the reply.

In that case, How to set a specific menu for the MC3 to use?
I mean in the MC2, you can basically send a different menu to the Mobile Client, but I notice that in the MC3, We don’t have that ability anymore.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

You can check the below topic related the same subject.
In case you stuck, you can send an email to so we can connect to your system and show how to apply the necessary changes.

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Thanks, Veysel, I have followed what Jesse said there and it is working.

Just a quick note to anyone who is trying to use the solution above,
IF you are creating a new Department to use a specific Menu, and assign the user to that department,
Make sure to update any rules that are mapped to a department, unless you add the new department to the mapping, these rules won’t work.

I just had some rules that didn’t trigger due to this. If you facing something similar, then check the rules for mapping issues.